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Thursday, June 5, 2008
Hancock Is Not A Comic Book Superhero Movie!
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: Other Movie Genres


Hancock Is Not A Comic Book Superhero Movie!

That being said, is it a film that Tina and I would have interest in viewing, and what were our thoughts about it?

That is the question that was posed to us, as we had not yet blogged about it!

This upcoming July 2nd 2008 film has teaser trailers being shown right now.

The first trailer was basically surprising to me, as it appeared to be delving into the past of Iron Man when Tony Stark had a story arc in the comic book title where he dealt with alcoholism.

The newest trailer emphasizes the humor and the action moments of the film. Sadly this is not exactly what the film is about it.

The film itself has gone through several title changes and suggested title changes. It started as 'Tonight, He Comes' back in 1996.

Additionally several production people have revolved through the project. Not always a good sign...

This film would be more of a gamble with its' drinking problem, and other plotlines if not for its' major star Will Smith. With his multitude of fans, it should have a good opening and then word of mouth should either give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Besides drinking in front of a 17 year old, and flying under the influence, there are other scenes that may be disturbing to parents. Supposedly a 'statutory rape' scene has been deleted, as the marketing campaign has been one of 'action and humor', instead of the darker elements that are or were in this film to begin with.

So what are my thoughts?  I have to go with my gut feeling as to what this film is all about and what do I want for my entertainment dollar when out at the Movie Theater.

As the director of the film, Peter Berg said, "The ad campaign for this movie is much friendlier than this film". 

I don't like going to see films on the Big Screen for Big Bucks and then finding out what I thought I would be seeing is not what the ad campaign suggested it would be like!

I think I'll save the Big Bucks to view on the Big Screen for films like Get Smart, The Dark Knight, X-Files - I Want To Believe, and save Hancock to view on rental DVD, as I have liked almost all of Will Smith's previous films and will give this a play when the time comes.

The above is JMHO for now!

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Michael (and Tina)


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Updated: Monday, June 9, 2008 3:57 PM PDT
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