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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Heathentown... The Graphic Novel !
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New



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Heathentown The Graphic Novel

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Click Here to see our current listed Comics, Books, and Graphic Novels!

By Corinna Sara Bechko and Gabriel Hardman !


This New Graphic Novel...  Is What I consider to be a 'good read' for those that like HoRRoR Comics / Graphic Novels.  So much so that I wanted to blog about it right away, as you should be able to find it at your usual sources for graphic novels very soon if not already!

This was a really compelling read for me.  Why?  The mix between the text and the art was enough to keep me reading it straight through till I was finished with it!  The graphic novel is basically 94 pages with a few background pages added at the end of the story for additional reference.

Those that have read prior blog posts of mine will know that I enjoyed the old EC HoRRoR Comics and the Atlas (Marvel) HoRRoR Comics of the pre-code era.   I like thriller comics that aren't overly out there for cheap thrills or scares, nor to tempt your gag reflexes.

These two creators established the mood for the GN and deliberately hooked me as a reader into wanting to stay with it until the end of the story!

At first the storyline is set in Africa... and other than a murder you wouldn't think this was a HoRRoR story...

But when the scares start the action doesn't stop until the last page!

What is weird about this GN are the elements that are added when the setting changes to the funeral scene of one of the main characters in the state of Florida. The cemetery is where the story opens up into the HoRRoR aspect.  Would you believe that in Florida you would run into Conquistadores, wooly mammoths, demonized dogs, and grizzly bears all at the same time?  Whew!

I'm not going to go into more than that for this blog post.  As a reader of blogs I don't appreciate reading all about the creative work being totally reviewed before I get a chance to read it for myself!

Suffice to say, that it is the black and white art of this GN that adds so much to the storyline and the script.  The text itself could have stood alone as a short story, but it is the artwork that completes this story.  Thus a great reason for this to have been created as a 'graphic novel'.

For those not familar with the creators:

"The writer, Corinna Sara Bechko, has had stories published in All Hollows, Reflection's Edge and Zoo View. She was shortlisted for the Aeon Award in 2005. Trained as a zoologist, she works as an animal keeper at the Playboy Mansion."

"The artist, Gabriel Hardman, has recently drawn comics including Monster Size Hulk, Agent of Atlas, Skaar: Son Of Hulk for Marvel and The Black Coat for Ape Entertainment. He is an accomplished motion picture illustrator whose credits include Spider-Man 3, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman Returns, the Austin Powers movies and Tropic Thunder. He also directed the prize winning short film Wrong Way Up, which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival."

This graphic novel is listed at $9.99 From Shadowline / Image

ISBN-10: 1607060124
ISBN-13: 9781607060123
Format: Paperback
Publication Year: 2009

If you are a Facebook member, you can see updates and comments on this GN from the creators, by going to this web site which is the Heathentown Group Page:


(Note: A complimentary online copy for this mention / review was provided by the creators.)

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