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Sunday, March 8, 2009
The Watchmen Film From A Woman's POV
Mood:  spacey
Topic: Comic Book Movies



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The Watchmen Film

'Our Take' Part 2 

 Opening Day, March 6th 2009

From A Woman's POV!

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My wife, Tina, is an occasional guest blogger... with her unique take on comic book adapted films, the industry and San Diego Comic Con events. Today, she's here with her review of the new movie Watchmen.  Never having read the graphic novel, Tina was intrigued after seeing the Watchmen panel at last summer's San Diego Comic Con. In fact, she was after me to find her a copy of the graphic novel and no dice - every copy on the dealer floor sold out. She thought I was getting her a copy for Christmas - I blew it.  Two months ago, I finally got her one which we both read.  She was unimpressed and baffled by all the accolades. Still, Tina wanted to see the movie.  Here's her review:  

Watchmen: Read it, See it

Watchmen (Warner Bros.) is a visual tour de force for Director Zack Snyder and a gift for fans of the ground-breaking graphic novel.

After seeing the movie, I can understand why the co-creator, artist Dave Gibbons, was so excited about the film version. I had the pleasure of seeing Gibbons at the Watchmen panel during last summer's San Diego Comic Con.  He was like a little boy on Christmas morning talking about being on set and seeing the Owl Ship for the first time. 

Fans of the graphic novel have to be delighted with the faithful adaptation. Snyder skillfully weaves most of the incredibly complicated plot and back story into the film, even cleverly using the opening credits to bring us up to date on the original Watchmen.  If you haven't read the novel, you'll probably be wondering what the heck is going on, but I loved the old-time shots of the masked crew.

Granted, "The Black Freighter" is missing, but you can catch an animated version on DVD. If anything, much-needed explanatory dialogue was added to the movie, which, for me, helped to make Moore's point much more clearly than the novel. With the exception of "Rorshack's Journal" most of the long-winded soapbox monologues are cut in favor of amazing visuals, tight action, some well-timed humor, and a hot soundtrack.

You'll love how the Watchmen are brought to life - the cast and costuming are excellent.  The Comedian, Silk Spectre and Ozymandias are more fully developed and interesting in the movie than the novel.  

The downside of the film, for me, was the graphic, slow-motion violence.  It ain't my thing.  If you're with me on this, do what I do: avert your eyes. It's easy to see the "ick" stuff coming a mile away. And, please, leave the kids at home.  This is NOT a movie for the children.

Keep a keen eye out for all the historical figures - they're a blast.  Stay for the credits so you can see who you missed - for me, Mick Jagger and David Bowie. (I must have been laughing too hard at the Andy Warhol!) And you'll be treated to a pounding version of Dylan's "Desolation Row" by My Chemical Romance - not to be missed. 

If you haven't read the graphic novel yet, read it now, then go see the movie.  As good as the movie is, I can't imagine that you're going "get it" if you haven't read the novel first.  Do yourself a favor, read it, then see it!  

(Rating 9.0 out of a 10.0 Rating Scale.)

Thanks Tina, for the above review!

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~ Michael

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