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Saturday, April 4, 2009
Use The Right Size And Type of Bag For Your Paper Collectibles!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Comic Book History


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Note: Above are sample sized bags that can be used to better protect your paper collectibles including comic books!



Use The Right Size And Type of Bag For Your  Paper Collectibles!

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Part 3 of a 3 Part Series by Michael D Hamersky


Earlier this week I started... Reposting a little series of blog posts about how you should bag and board your paper collectibles.  That would include comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, full size trading card sheets and more!  It had been almost two years since I last addressed this issue online. 

I first published this 3 part series due to all of the collections that I was being offered to buy, and finding that most were never stored properly!  In addition the would be sellers thought that they should receive the Near Mint (NM 9.4) Guide Price for Comics that weren't even in 'Good' (G 2.0) Guide Grade.  The HoRRoRs of It All!  Something had to be done to warn the general public!

If you missed Part 1 of this 3 part series, Click here to read!

If you missed Part 2 of this 3 part series, Click here to read!

Now today is the reposting of the 3rd blog of that original series:


Use The Right Size And Type of Bag For Your Paper Collectibles

Now I will discuss what kind of Comic Book Bags  you should use in storing your comic books or other paper collectibles properly...

Placing your comic book in a properly sized comic book bag not only keeps the dust, dirt and finger oils off the comic book's front and back covers, but also helps prevent scuffing on the covers which can lower the value of a comic book considerably!

The three most popular comic bag materials are polyethylene, polypropylene and Mylar.  You should be able to find these materials in the following sizes:

Modern Comic Bags for approx 1975 - current comics, Silver Age Comic Bags for approx 1955 - 1975 comics, Golden Age Comic Bags approx 1935 - 1950's, and Treasury Comic Book Bags (for the oversized editions).  Magazines come in different sizes and page counts, so one of the four different sized bags should cover them. Don't forget the board to insert with the paper collectible!

All of the above mentioned materials are considered to be archival quality. Archival quality  means that there is nothing in the composition of the material of the bags that can contribute to the breakdown of the paper collectible being stored in it!

However, Mylar is considered to be the most archivally sound and is the material of choice of most museums and archivists.  It has the longest shelf life of the three materials mentioned above. I have personally used the Mylars for storing my most expensive comics, although I don't use Mylar for everything, due to the high cost of the Mylars.  The Mylar is not shown above, but in blog #2 of this series, one is shown with a paper collectible inside of it!

Comic Book collectors  and other paper publications collectibles collectors can feel comfortable using polyethylene comic bags or polypropylene comic bags for their regular purchases for items that are not overly expensive. Just remember that the comic bags need to be replaced every 3- 7 years depending on storage place, temperature ranges, and state or country you are in!

Some comic bags come with a fold over flap that can be taped on the outside of the bag. There are also comic bags with resealable tape on the body of the bag . This is so the tape doesn't catch on the comic, causing damage to the comic.

(NOTE: I have personally seen a LCBS (local Comic Book Store) sales clerk NOT take the tape off a bag before attempting to take the comic book out of the bag.  I was interested in a Fantastic Four #48 in VF/NM grade many years ago, and watched in horror as the tape clung on to the front cover... The sales clerk then attempted to lift off the tape from the front cover.... and took the glossy part of the cover off with the tape!!!  This devalued the comic book so much, that the sales clerk offered the comic for a lot less than what the sticker price was... and this is now considered a 'Key Comic'. I recently had that same comic graded by CGC and it came in at VF 8.0 grade, whereas it was at least in a NM- 9.2 grade prior to the tape snafu....)

This ends my little series on how to 'Bag & Board Your Paper Collectibles'.  Using the guidelines of these blog posts will help you to keep your paper collectibles in the same shape that they were when you placed them in the bags and boards until you are ready to either read them again or sell them.

If however, you decide NOT to sell your comics, and find that you have been bitten by the 'collecting bug' after following the procedures in this series of blog posts, then check out our eBay Featured Comic Book Store for more comic book related collectibles!


And thus ended the original blog post... Thanks again to all of YOU today reading my current and archived blog posts... This ends Part 3 of my 3 Part Series on how you should bag and board your paper collectibles!
~ Michael


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Updated: Saturday, April 4, 2009 5:33 AM PDT
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