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Friday, May 8, 2009
EuREKA! We Found Comics of Our Favorite TV Show!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New


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We Found Comics of Our Favorite TV Show!

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Tina Shopping on FCBD 2009


My wife, Tina and I are big fans of Sci-Fi Channel's EuREKA.  As Tina says, "When you watch this show, you just feel good."   So we were delighted to discover this comic book limited series while touring our San Diego area stores on Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.

Here are our reviews of the first two issues of the four issue limited series by Boom! Studios.

Tina says:

I loved how the comic captures the spirit of the show: playful and sweet with a side of zany scientific government conspiracy theory. The dialogue and phrasing matches the show's quirky characters perfectly.

As usual, something's up in Eureka. The story opens in Cafe Diem with Sheriff Carter busting Vincent's chops over the Eureka Fantasy League. Cute. Suddenly, there's a hostage situation at the high school. Of course, Zoe's involved! Carter to the rescue, but the suspect escapes in a unique, only in Eureka way. A manhunt ensues. Could the menacing hulk of a suspect be a victim of a secret scientific military experiment? And, what's his connection to Jo?

Two criticisms:

1. The lettering is much too small and difficult to read!
2. The faces of some of the characters are way off: Taggart, Allison, and most notably - Carter.  This detracts from the overall enjoyment of the comic.

But for storyline and dialogue, Eureka the comic book rates an 'A'.



Michael says:

I am pleased that there are comic books out there that Tina herself will pick up and want to buy now.  As a woman and one that was not brought up around comics, there must be something more than just superheroes comics that will appeal to potential customers like her.

The fact is that while Tina was going to Local Comic Book Stores for FCBD, she also browsed the shelves to see what was available for her to read if anything. This emphasizes the fact that LCBS need to stock comics that are cross-overs from TV Shows and Films for variety if nothing else!   

Comic book companies like Gold Key, Dell, Marvel and DC used to bring multiple licensed properties to comics during the Silver and Bronze Ages of Comics.  I remember buying several of these with my allowance years ago, even though for the most part I was a 'Marvel Zombie' growing up! (i.e. The Green Hornet, Land of the Giants, Star Trek, etc.)

I enjoyed the first two issues of this four issue limited series as much as Tina.

The plot, the script, dialogue caught the show perfectly. Which would be because EUREKA creators Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia are involved in this series!

The artwork on the covers were right on.  However the interior pages did not capture the persons as well as the covers.  I would agree with Tina on the fact that it did keep me from giving it higher than a VF/NM 9.0 rating.

Talking about art, here is something that bothered me about the series.  The nine LCBS we shopped in on FCBD did not have all of the covers for the issues that were on the shelves.   Issue #1 has 2 regular covers plus a 'Limited Edition' 3rd cover.   Issue #2 has 2 covers.  Same for Issues #3 & #4.  

Being the 'completist' that I am, this is a total 'turn-off' for me.  I am a firm believer in picking up monthly issues of comic book series and NOT waiting for the Trade Paper Back format.  (Which this series will have shortly.)  In this case I would have almost preferred to have waited for the TPB format, and then check to see if our local library system brought it in for checking out. However, since it was Tina that purchased these, I'm along for the rest of the series in single issues...

I also was around with the boom and bust of comics during the early to mid 1990's with all of the variant covers krap that was going on then.  That was when I stopped buying several series that I had followed for many years...

So, that's my thoughts on the first two issues of this series.  If you are thinking of buying this just to read, and are not a 'collector' then possibly the TPB might be the way to go... 

If you are buying it because you are a fan of the show, you might want to check out the first single issue to see if it 'hooks' you, as it is a four issue story arc.  Then it is up to you to either buy the monthly series, or wait for the TPB compilation. 

If you are a TV Show 'fanatic' and don't buy a lot of other comics, and just want to specialize in this series, then you might want to look at the multiple covers for each issue number, which have the same story inside.



Details for this four issue series:

Writer(s): Andrew Cosby, Jaime Paglia, Jonathan L. Davis, Brendan Hay

Artist(s): Mark Dos Santos, Diego Barreto

Cost:  Each issue is $3.99 cover priced, with the exception of Issue #1 Limited Edition Cover @ $7.99 .

TPB compilation:  When made available will be $15.99 cover

ADDENDUM to above blog post:  Since posting this blog earlier this morning, artist Michael DiPascale has informed us of the 'retailer incentive' issues with special covers.  These are in addition to the ones mentioned above.  Michael knew of this because he was the cover artist for those very limited 'retailer incentive' issues!  BTW, Michael DiPascale did a great cover featuring Jo for issue #4, which is the only one I've seen so far of those covers ! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Michael!

For those of you that are new to our blog today, my wife and I  have an ongoing online 'Comic Con and Pop Culture Convention'  here at "Make It So Marketing Inc.", what with our daily blog posts, and new listings of items for sale in our online Store

Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!!

~ Michael  (and Tina)


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Posted by makeitsomarketing at 7:26 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, May 8, 2009 1:58 PM PDT
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