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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Dollhouse – 'Epitaph One'
Mood:  rushed
Topic: TV Shows


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No, That's NOT Joss Whedon @ the San Diego Comic-Con Dollhouse / Josh Whedon Programs!  It's Really Eliza Dushku, star / producer of the Dollhouse TV Show!


Dollhouse - "Epitaph One"

The Lost Episode

As Shown At The 2009 San Diego Comic Con International!

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Ballroom 20 @ the SDCC where the two programs for Dollhouse and Josh Whedon were merged together.  Then two more stars joined Josh and Eliza.  They were: Dichen Lachman and Fran Kranz!

Wow - if they had rolled with this theme from the beginning, the show would never have been in jeopardy!

I say this as someone who isn't a Joss Whedon fan - don't get up in arms, I don't mean I don't like him.  I'm just not a follower. 

Michael and I started watching the show because we'd heard a lot about it at last year's SDCC. I found it rather annoying, like Charlie's Angels for the new millenium.  What were these hot girls going to have to dress up for this week?  Would they be kick-butt operatives or hookers, again...Yawn.

We stuck with it simply because there was nothing else on, and we were too tired to do anything else on a Friday night!  I know, we're boring.

The show got more interesting as it explored the ethics and mystery of the Dollhouse.  But, then they lost me with the hyper-violence of the return of Alpha.  I still don't understand what that was all about.

Now, having seen the "never-before-seen" episode (filmed as the show's swan song), I'm back in the Dollhouse fold.

"Epitaph One" opens in 2019 with "actuals" (non-imprinted humans) are being hunted by the imprinted, which seems to be everyone.  Technology has allowed the imprinting to spread from human to human and the only way to stay safe is to get underground and cut off from any tech.

We follow a small group of "actuals" who seek refuge in what was the Dollhouse.  By finding and activating the chair, we learn, in a series of flashbacks, what caused this apocalypse. It all felt a lot like the latest Terminator movie - set in the future...humans tormented by evil technology...can they change the past?...Lots of great twists...I loved it.

Joss Whedon promised we'll see the new characters next season so let's hope they play with this intriguing new story concept some more.

Other tidbits from the panel:

Expect "Victor" to get better quickly  - female fans rejoice!

Look for Summer Glau (Firefly and the best thing about Sarah Conner Chronicles) in future episodes - keep your fingers crossed on that.

Alexis Denisof (Buffy, Angel) to appear next season.

As Whedon remarked the "lost" episode raised more questions, even while answering many.  Look to Season 2 for more answers, and more intrigue.

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And yes, 'Dollhouse' doesn't currently have a comic book or graphic novel.  Unlike so many other TV shows like 'Fringe', 'EUReKA', and others.  But with Josh Whedon involved in so many comic books projects, I thought you wouldn't mind reading a blog post about his TV show here in our Blog!  Especially since I have a deadline to meet on a writing assignment for an upcoming book!  Thanks Tina for blogging today!

AND Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!!  

~ Michael D Hamersky


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CONVENTION TIP:  Always have Your Camera with you at the Con.  Even when arriving early  just to get in line!  Tina pointed out to me that 'Wonder Woman' was sitting behind us in line waiting for the doors to open to enter the exhibitors floor early in the morning.  What a great wife Tina is!  She knows I can't resist taking photos of Wonder Woman!    Below is one of the best costumed Wonder Woman attendees at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International! 

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