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Sunday, August 2, 2009
LOST Fandom's Last Hurrah at Comic Con!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Cons


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Above is Michael with Jo Garfein, a.k.a. JOpinionated, who blogs about television shows, as seen @ the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International!


LOST Fandom's Last Hurrah at Comic Con!

Trivia Game Was Attended By Hundreds of Fans 

@ The 2009 San Diego Comic Con International!

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They Played The LOST Trivia Game along with hundreds of other Fans in line for the Last LOST Panel Program! Andy Dockery and Tina LoSasso are in front, with Jo Garfein (JOpinionated),  and also Anil from the ODI, who is one of the Top LOST Bloggers in that LOST Community of Fans!

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been!  

I wouldn't have missed it for the world - the final LOST panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Michael had other plans - he really wanted to see the Chuck panel in Ballroom 20. Traitor! I talked him out of it and, in the end, he was glad I did.

I told him, you can't miss camping out with everyone beforehand.  This year was the wildest ever. The fans were out in force. The overnighters were rewarded with a Friday night visit from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cruse - cool!

The Dharma Initiative was well represented on the lawn outside Hall H.  Now, that had to be the most comfortable costume at Comic Con!

Seen among the crowd queued up for Hall H Saturday morning were these familiar LOST characters:

Naomi - equipped with walkie, that gal was a ringer - Michael was convinced she was the actual actress!

Jack - suitably stubbly with shirt and tie

The Orchid - yes, a young woman dressed up with vines and donkey wheel to represent the station

The Island - a friend of the Orchid dressed up in a gown with various show references attached including an airplane hanging from her hat!

But, my favorite sight was the two Hurleys dressed in Dharma jumpsuits. (See bottom photo.)  I had the pleasure of seeing them meet as one Hurley saw the other and raced (as much as a Hurley can race!) to meet the other. 

The look of pure delight in recognizing each other was hilarious. Later, one of the Hurleys got to ask Jorge Garcia (the real Hurley) a question during the panel Q & A and thanked him for giving someone like him a role model on TV.

The party got started when Jo of JoOpinionated (one of the top LOST bloggers) ran a trivia contest. 

Anil of The ODI (another awesome LOST blogger) helped her grab the crowd's attention and hand out the prizes.  It was great to finally meet Jo and to see Anil again - he gave us one of his T-shirts at last year's Con.

Jo really had the crowd stumped on this one:  Name three people who knew Locke was paralyzed before he came to the island.  (Three people who crashed on the island, that is.) Yeah, yeah, Rose...who else? It's a toughie!

I had a ball checking out all the fans in line.  Even as late as 8:30 am, people just kept pouring in - obviously these folks weren't so concerned about getting good seats!

Considering how packed in we were, this was a mellow crowd.  I attribute it to the Dharma influence and sadness that this was indeed our last LOST panel camp-out.

Thanks to our new line buddies from Tennessee, Andy and Fara Dockery for saving us great spots in line!

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Addendum from Michael:  My Facebook Friend Jo Garfein is better known as JOpinionated.  She blogs about television at:  http://www.jopinionated.com

Anil is also well known in the LOST Community, and can be found blogging at:   http://www.the-odi.blogspot.com 

BTW, unless we are on site all day and night during a three day or longer comic con... we do blog daily on comic book creators, comic book reviews, and pop culture news and events!  Check out our daily blog posts, new listings of comics, graphic novels, Comic Con exclusives and more pop culture items for sale in our online eBay Featured Store

Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!!  

~ Michael 


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CONVENTION TIP:  Always have Your Camera with you at the Con.  Even when arriving early in the wee hours of the morning just to get in line!  Tina had dragged me to the line for Hall H at 5AM for the last LOST TV Show Program that didn't start until 11AM that same morning!  So I thought I was seeing double when I saw Hurley & Naomi and then Hurley again also waiting in line for the same Lost Program at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International! 

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Updated: Sunday, August 2, 2009 4:24 AM PDT
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