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Sunday, August 16, 2009
Paul Linsley's LOST Characters Illustrations
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: TV Shows


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Paul Linsley's

 LOST TV Show Characters Illustrations @ 2009 SDCC!

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Above:  Jorge Garcia holding a 'Hurley' print @ Paul's SDCCI booth, Paul & Jess!  

To the Left:  Paul Linsley signing my copy of the Hurley Print @ the LAST LOST PANEL at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International!


I had several hard choices to make this year on which panels  / programs to see at the 2009 Comic Con International: San Diego because several panels / programs overlapped each other schedule-wise...  

Including two panels I really wanted to see on Saturday.  It was going to be either the CHUCK panel or the Last LOST panel!  Well, my wife Tina really worked on me to attend the Last LOST panel, because... well, you know...it was THE Last LOST panel at Comic Con!  

And besides... hadn't we been there for the FIRST LOST Panel and each subsequent year's LOST panel?!  OK, OK... so we saw the main star of CHUCK at another panel the day before, and I somehow ended up in line with thousands of other LOST fans and those other crazies that were in line way too early Saturday morning for programs that didn't even start until later!  Actually much later, including those that were in line before and after us for the IRON MAN 2 Film panel that didn't even start until 4PM on Saturday!  Now THAT is fanatical folks!

Anyways, Tina's already blogged about the LOST  Trivia Game that was conducted by Jo Garfein a.k.a. JoOpinionated (one of the top LOST bloggers out there - click here for that post) that happened while we were in line. 

Now I want to blog about an artist who we met as he went through the line showing his characters prints that were for sale.  And man did those look good!  Tina and I weren't prepared to see such fine illustrations being hawked while standing in line out there that early in the morning!

And we weren't the only ones suprised!  Paul and his partner Jess were just standing there for quite a while as more and more LOST fans came up to find him as they heard about these great prints being sold by the illustrator himself!

By the time Tina and I made it to his impromptu sales area, he was already out of several character prints!  We however did snag on of Hurley, which is a fantastic likeness in Paul's unique style of illustration.  To see what I mean take another closer look at the top right photo of this blog, where Jorge (Hurley) Garcia is holding one of those prints himself!  Jorge had stopped in during the Con at Paul's booth where he signed the one he is holding!

Anyways, Tina and I like to share the finds that we come across, whether they are at conventions like this one or online.

So Since You probably didn't make it to the 2009 SDCCI, or Even if you did, probably weren't in the right place at the right time to pick up one of these... I wanted to plug Paul's web site here today!

You can see Paul's LOST TV Show characters prints, and a LOT more at his web site:


No, we are Not his agents, LOL, so you'll have to go there and see what is available now, and what it costs to ship to your city or country!

BTW, unless we are on site all day and night during a three day or longer comic con... we normally blog daily on comic book creators, comic book reviews,  comic book conventions, and pop culture news and events!  

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Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!

~ Michael 


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CONVENTION PHOTOS:  I have been publishing photos of costumed attendees for a while now, that were taken at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International!  However, I decided to post a picture of my wife Tina and myself together for a change today, to commemorate the fact that both of us were at the LAST LOST Panel at the SDCCI this year!  Oh, what I do for my wife... as I was really torn between seeing the LAST LOST panel and the CHUCK TV show panel!

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Updated: Sunday, August 16, 2009 6:49 AM PDT
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Thursday, August 20, 2009 - 9:43 PM PDT

Name: "Todd"

   I have my old comic book collection for sale. Easily 6000+ issues, titles include but not limited to, Amazing Spiderman, Spectacular Spiderman, Wolverine, X men, New Mutants, Conan, Savage Sword of Conan, Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonia, Fantastic Four, and many, many more. Years of issue about late 60's to mid 90's.

   Looking for a serious collector/resaler who will give me a serious appraisal and offer.

   Contact me at busyman66204@yahoo.com

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