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Sunday, September 13, 2009
Vincent Price Presents....
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New


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Vincent Price  Presents:

The Comic Book Series


 Bluewater Comics!



There's been a dozen of these comic books published from BlueWater Comics...  Although I hadn't blogged about any of them until now.

That's because I've only read issues #10 -12 so far.  Issue #1 came out in October 2008, and yes there is a #13 planned for the series, making it at least a "baker's dozen" of HoRRoR Comics in this continuing series!

Below is what the marketing for this series had to say:

One of classic Hollywood's most famous scary men, Vincent Price made a name for himself in classic mysteries and thrillers throughout the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Now Vincent Price Presents comes to Bluewater Productions as their 1st ongoing monthly series.   The series will feature some of Prices’s films as well as developing new frightening ones with his estate. Welcome back to the macabre world of Vincent Price!

I have wanted to blog about the earlier issues I've read, but since it is my 'policy' to write basically only reviews on publications that I truly liked or found intriguing or 'different' enough to mention here, something or other in each of those comic issues I read kept me from doing so here...

As stated before in this Blog, I don't normally write neutral or negative blogs, as each blog takes at least 45 minutes to generate with text, copy, cropping and hosting photos, etc.  (I just don't throw together a one paragraph 'mention' of a comic, graphic novel, or film along with a bunch of other non-related projects in a 'review' blog post.)

Thus to spend that additional time on a comic book or other project that I didn't enjoy that much to begin with or maybe disappointed me a little, just doesn't make time management sense to me...

So why hadn't I blogged about this series before?   That is because I found the earlier issues (#10-11) to be a little uneven for me.  I'm no editor, but it must be very difficult to present a comic book title that has different writers and artists each issue and a completely different story. 

Editing a HoRRoR comic book that has just one story and presenting it each issue has to be even harder than editing an anthology comic book with multiple stories!   At least in an anthology issue that say has three stories, the reader could like one, be OK with a second, and dislike the third story.  Yet that same reader could be interested enough to pick up the next issue at their LCBS to at least glance at the cover and skim the interior pages to see if they want to purchase it.

With a comic book that has just one story, and no true continuing character(s), that has to be a harder sell, if the potential buyer had lukewarm feelings for the previous issue(s).

What this series has going for it is the 'Vincent Price Presents' title.  Yeah, I grew up in the late 1950's -60's when Vincent Price had his heyday in films.  So yes I could be a potential buyer for this series.  And with today's resurgence in HoRRoR films, comics and mags, there should be a good market for a comic book series like this with readers that are much younger than me!

If each issue was like #12 was in pleasing me with both a good storyline and good art, then I would feel better in recommending this series to you, my Blog reader.  However so far, the earlier issues I read had either good art or good story or a combination of both but the twist ending was off, like with issue #11.  

Issue #12, (front cover pictured above), has a good storyline by Nick Lyons.  Good art by R.H. Stewart.  The usual good lettering by Wilson Ramos Jr.  The front cover by Jim McDermott is catching to the eye, which should help pull the casual reader's attention to this title to at least take a look at the interior pages.  It is similar in 'look' to the Rue Morgue cover with Forrest J Ackerman that I blogged about in October 2008

Here are the details for this issue #12 only:

By:    Nick Lyons, R. H. Stewart, Jim McDermott 
Type:   Comics 
Genres:   Horror
Series:   Vincent Price Presents
Publisher:   Bluewater Productions 
Pub. Date:   August 26, 2009
UPC:   837654359495 

Vincent Price tells another gothic adventure. In 'Fade Away,' Private Eye Frank Wood takes on a case in which he must investigate mysterious break-ins at a home belonging to a wealthy old man named Jack Leonard.

Is there really an intruder or is Jack losing his mind and seeing someone that isn't there?

I'm hoping that what I liked in this issue will be repeated in upcoming issues.  Again I realize that it is very difficult to present stories that have different creative teams each issue that a regular reader would like. I myself want to like this series.  I would like to see the license with the Vincent Price Estate be continued, helping keep Vincent's name in the public eye.  I was pleased with this issue.  We'll see how it goes with the upcoming issues if I am to blog about this series again...

Notes:  This issue's cover price was $3.99, which is the standard cost of new comic books today.   However I have noticed at BlueWater's web site that there will be a trade paper back compiling the earlier issues.  I do not see what issues of the twelve published so far will be included in that TPB. Here are the known details of the upcoming TBP which is to be released September 30th:

The Gothic horror tradition of film icon Vincent Price is revived in these twisted comic book one-shots that transplant the best of the horror genre into innovative and bizarre landscapes for a new generation. Vincent Price serves as host and muse for these unforgettable stories, which include horrific transformations, twisting plots, perversions of science, labyrinthine castles, Gothic dread, surreal revelations, and a little unexpected genre-bending.

The cover price of the TPB Volume 1 is $17.99.  Again, I'm not aware of how many of the first issues are included in this first volume.  Yet this may be the better way to present this series to a wider audience.  Where in an 'anthology' TPB the reader has a better chance to like more of the stories in that format rather than taking a chance on a single issue with just the one story.  

For more info on Vincent Price Presents with previous and upcoming issues, please see the Bluewater Comics web site at:  http://www.Bluewaterprod.com

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We appreciate your wanting to read our Blog, no matter which format it is published in, either at eBay that has several of our blog posts, or at our own domain name that has them all. 

And Yes... I have seen the Notice posted by eBay that they are 'retiring' the eBay Blogs and worse: "Remember, after October 31, 2009, these pages will no longer be available on the web".  With over 3,000 archived blog posts on the eBay Blogs platform.... and over 1.3 MILLION Page Views there alone...  THIS news does not please me!  I'm gathering my thoughts and letting my initial reaction calm down before posting on this news later this week... 

~ Michael  


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