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TOY DEALERS FEATURETTE:   This Blog's  'Main Feature' today was about 'The State of Comics Retailing in Metro San Diego' on the West Coast. So I thought I'd run a 'Featurette' on a Toy Dealer in Newark, New Jersey on the East Coast as a counter point!

Below is a photo from the 2009 New York Comic Con that Dene O Shogeke attended.  Dene is pictured at the right side of the photo with a developer, (left in photo), of the then new 'Prototype' game. Dene is President of Tough Nerd Toys LLC.  I've been a Facebook Friend with Dene since earlier this year and find his reviews and videos on toys helpful as to what's going on out there in the World of Action Figures and other toys. Here' a little bit about Dene in his own words: 

"Growing up in the 70's and 80's I was exposed to a plethora of wonderful and obscure sci-fi flicks, trippy cartoons, amazing action adventure movies, and long running tv series. Comic books were choice reading material and from there I was thrust into a world of imagination and make believe accompanied by action figures and toys.

Coming from a single parent family, where we shared a lot of the same interests, movies could only build up the excitement for up and coming action figures. My mother, who was very in- tune to my interests, got me a bionic man action doll, a pulsar and hypnosis action set and a few star wars figures to get me started and I was in pure bliss!!! From then on I was never without some sort of action figure or toy , and I would always keep them in perfect condition . I wouldn't allow anything to destroy the imagination aspect of the character that the figure or toy was supposed to portray.

As i got older and went to school my passion for action figures and toys carried on hiding them in the back of my desk from the teacher so as not to get them taken from me . I always assumed that when i got older Ii would have grown out of my love for action figures and toys which as you see has not happened.I decided to open my own toy store in September 2007!" 

You can see Dene's listings for sale at his web site:

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