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COMIC CON 'BLACK FRIDAY' FEATURETTE:   This year, Tina and I decided to have a 'Black Friday' Specials Sale at our virtual exhibitor table at the 'virtual comic con' that we belong to!

What this means to you is that we are having 'Black Friday' specials for those that belong to our Facebook Comic Con | Make It So Marketing Group Page.

All YOU have to do to be eligible to win ONE of TEN Free Prizes is to join 'join' our Facebook Group Page, and then click on the 'Black Friday' event to say you are 'attending' this virtual comic con event!

That's right, you don't phyiscally have to 'be there' at this virtual comic con, just click the event RSVP box button!

To make it easier for YOU, our blog reader, Just click this link here, to be taken to the event page.  You have to be a Facebook member, and then a member of our group page to be eligible to 'click' the attending button!  Sound a little complicated, but it really isn't as you don't have to travel to attend our 'Black Friday' Special Event!

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 This is just one way of our giving Thanks to those that elect to read our blogs and join our exhibitor table at the Facebook Comic Con!  Hoping you all have a Happy Thanksgiving Day and a safe Black Friday where ever you may go!



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