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NEW COMICS SERIES:   Today's Featurette section is about a comic book series that was sent in to me for possible review.  However, it was just a single issue, #3, that I received.

When I jump into a series that has already started, it is sometimes hard to catch up, UNLESS the creator(s) have a 'intro' page or 'what's happened before' section in the issue you currently are holding!

So I thank Mike Sales, creator and writer of Southside Nefertiti, who is pictured below at the 2009 Onxycon at his table, for putting in that recap!

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So what is this issue and series about?  Well on the splash page is the following:

"Daughter of slain activist Kleo Jones, Nefertiti is a super-powered single mother who has built a good life for herself and her son Joshua, while still looking out for folks around the way. No matter what goes down, the Southside knows when they need help... they can always count on Nefertiti."

Okay... here's my thoughts for this issue only:  The cover is in color. The interior pages are black and white. There are two parts to this third issue in the series, and there is at least a fourth issue for this story arc.  

So, the story is a continued one, and I felt that I was missing out on not reading the previous issue at least.  Even though there was a recap page, I still had that feeling.  So a newbie to this series has a choice. Either this issue has enough drawing power to make you search for the earlier two issues, and continue with the fourth, or you take this as a one-shot reading experience. I know that this issue for me was one that I would like to know more about Southside Nefertiti. Yet I also know that one of the draws, but also one of the drawbacks of the early Marvel Comics was the fact that most became continued stories, and distribution was not always there for earlier or later issues... 

The artwork by Randolph Williams was well suited for the storyline and the black and white interior pages.  There were several head shots, and talking scenes, yet plenty of action illustrated by Randolph! 

I didn't see the credits for the lettering, but that was a good job in lettering, especially with the sound effects used in the pages.

I believe that a reader who started with the first issue would get more out of this series.  The concept of Nefertiti is a sound one, and I like the background info. There are relationships between the characters which fleshes out those characters in this issue. I do note that even though I just recently received this issue, the copyright was 2007 for the publishing date.  I'm not for sure how many issues have been printed to date, or if the story arc reached a conclusion. 

For more on this series, please check out their web site at:

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My thanks to Michael Sales for submitting Issue #3 of this series for possible review!




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