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FOUND AT THE 2009 COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL - SAN DIEGO:   Below is a photo from the Artists Alley section of the SDCC / SDCCI.

That's Justin Chung standing in front of his table's banner.

I was given a couple of cool looking non-sports trading cards by Justin, and wanted to mention his work here today in this Featurette section of my Blog.

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I was impressed with Justin's web site as it showed more trading cards works he has illustrated, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Spider-Man Archive and more.

What I was given at the SDCC was the following as stated at Justin's web site:

"At Comic-Con International '09, I debuted two fun and sexy pin-ups inspired by models Miracole Burns and Meredith Placko. The art was available as trading cards and 13x19" Comic-Con Limited Edition high quality prints."

For those of you that are not familar with Justin's background, here is a brief bio from him:

"I produce professional art, develop creative ideas, and provide thoughtful and informed advice for companies, organizations, and individuals. Interested in hiring me as an illustrator, creator, or consultant?"

"I'm also the creator of the award-winning Online since 1995, World Famous Comics is updated with exclusive daily content, runs a network of related websites, and represents artists at live appearances."

Here is Justin Chung's web site where you can view the cards I received and his other works:

Check it out now in 2010... the year's just starting, and he may be appearing at a comic con near you this year?!

My thanks to Justin for the trading cards.  It was a good reminder to me that I hadn't blogged about meeting him at the Comic Con.  Have a Great and Successful 2010!


BTW, if you are a comics creator, (writer, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer, etc.), feel free to contact me regarding YOUR works!

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