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As stated above, Tina and I attended the Long Beach Comic Con Expo this past Saturday. 

Tina snapped a lot of photos at this Expo, both in front of the Long Beach Convention Center that had a 'car display' of vehichles shown in feature films, as well as inside the exhibit hall of the Expo itself.

We'll be sharing more of those with you in the days / weeks to come, as we met several long time favorites, as well as meeting new comics creators that we haven't blogged about before!

Plus, you can't attend a comic con without seeing attendees in costume!

Below is a photo of individuals that were caught in a Cross-Universe Storm at this LBCC - Expo!

Yes, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, myself, and Captain America were caught on camera posing for that momentous occasion!

Thanks to Tina, who once again spotted Wonder Woman for me to have my photo taken with!  And Spidey and Cap were added bonuses!

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Tina and I were at this Expo from 10AM - 6:15 PM, and took advantage of the smaller setting to talk longer with each of the pros, leaving actual purchases of some back issues for the very end of the day.

Tina and I are looking forward to the upcoming 2nd Annual Long Beach Comic Con.  That's the 3 day event at the end of October 2010.

Here's a link to the Con's Facebook Fan Page, so you can be interactive with them between now and October:

There you can also find out who's going to be there as guests, and links to where YOU can purchase advance tickets!

Tina and I are definitely booking October 29th thru the 31st!  I suggest that if YOU are in SoCal area during that time, that You should drop in at Least ONE of those Days! 

(BTW...When I get Spidey's - Wonder Woman's - and Cap's real names, I'll post them here.  Thanks to all three of them for posing with me at the Long Beach Comic Con Expo!)


Talking about comics and comic cons: if YOU are a comics creator, (writer, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer, etc.), OR even a Comics / Magazine Publisher, feel free to contact me regarding YOUR works for a possible mention / review!

I've made a special blog post about: "How To Best Submit YOUR Publication For Possible Review!" for those creators / publishers that would like to possibly have their publications mentioned or reviewed, which could either be published in the 'Main Feature' or 'Featurette' sections.

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