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Thursday, October 7, 2010
My 'Take' On: War Of The Independents #1 - Debuting at the 2010 NYCC!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New


My 'Take' On:

War Of the Independents #1 

As Being Debuted at the 2010 New York Comic Con (NYCC)!

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Above Photo:  The Front Cover to the War Of The Independents #1!
At the Top Left: The Promo Poster for Dave Ryan who will be at Table Q-10 During the 2010 New York Comic Con, with only 200 Copies of Issue #1 For Sale!

At the Bottom Left: Dave Ryan with a sketch he illustrated for me at the Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) in 2009. Yeah, that's The Thing with me in the sketch! 



TODAY'S FEATURE - Blog #3251:

Today's post is to let YOU know that the FIRST issue of the six issue comic book series, 'War of the Independents', premieres at the 2010 New York Comic Con, (NYCC)!

I've already blogged that Dave Ryan was going to have this series printed this year. Here's the archived blog post on that.

What a great place to premiere the 1st issue! Only thing is, Dave has only 200 copies for sale at his table Q-10 in Artists Alley...So I'm letting all of my blog readers / members of my Facebook Group Page (Facebook Comic Con | Make It So Marketing) know this now!

Here is what Dave has shown as promo blurbs at his websites for this series:

"War of the Independents" is a massive indie crossover. Bringing together everyone's favorite indie characters for an incredible 6 issue adventure!

Plus here's the promo for the premiere at the NYCC:

War of the Independents is a HUGE indie crossover story coming out as a 6 issue story that will be debuting War of the Independents #1 at NYCC - October 8 - 10, 2010!! It is a chance to see some of your favorite indie characters finally together and have some real good comic fun! Anyone interested in the War of the Independents, whether it being involved as a creator or love indie comix please join!

War of the Independents 01
Dave Ryan Red Anvil Comics
35 pages (October 2010); 10.2MB download
David Ryan; ISBN: DRYAN-00001
Story & Art: Dave Ryan
With others including: Richard Kane Ferguson, Franchesco, Mariano Nicieza, Richard Domiguez, Lawrence John Hansen, Wilson Ramos Jr., and Peter Palmiotti

The above sounded like an interesting concept when I first read about it. This was after reading Penance #1 back in October of 2009, which was the premise for this series.

I'm not going to do a full review blog here today, because of two factors.

One:  I read this as a .pdf copy, not a hard copy, as the comics were printed just in time for this NYCC from China.

Two: It is very difficult to introduce the multiple characters used in this series to their fullest, just like when the mainstream publishers have done cross-overs in their Universes.

Suffice to say that I enjoyed seeing so many of my favorite indie characters I have read over the years be involved in the first issue, with more to be included in the remaining five issues!

Here's who is projected to be in the six issue series:

Flaming Carrot (Bob Burden)
Milk & Cheese (Evan Dorkin)
Bone (Jeff Smith)
The Maxx (Sam Keith)
Popbot (Ashley Wood)
Zippy the Pinhead (Bill Griffith)
Cowboys & Aliens (Platinum Studios)
Buzzboy (John Gallagher)
Johnny Raygun (Rich Woodall)
Too Much Coffee Man (Shannon Wheeler)
Public Enemy (American Mule Entertainment)
Cerebus (Dave Sim)
Shi (Billy Tucci)
Cry for Dawn (Joe Linsner)
Madman (Mike Allred)
Savage Dragon (Erik Larsen)
Zot (Scott McCloud)
Zen (Steve Stern)
ShadowHawk (Jim Valentino)
The Pro (Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner & Garth Ennis)
FEMFORCE (Bill Black)
Faust (Tim Vigil)
The Badger (Mike Baron)
Mr. Monster (Mike T. Gilbert)
Pendelton Spurr & Maria Lucci of Parts Unknown (Beau Smith)
Captain Canuck (Richard Comely)
Bomb Queen (Jimmie Robinson)
Ant (Mario Gully)
Strongarm (Steve Horton)
Shark-Man (Thrill-House Comics)
Razorjack (John Higgins)
Eudaemon (Nelson DeCastro)
Atomika (Sal Abbinanti)
Black Jack (Alex Simmons)
Shadowflame (Joe Martino)
Nira-X CyberAngel (Bill Maus)
Team Kaiju (Wilson Ramos Jr.)
Lucy Nocturne (Scott Wegener)
Johnny Saturn (Scott Story)
The Corpse (Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson)
10th Muse (Blue Water Comics)
Legend of Isis (Blue Water Comics)
Atlas (Blue Water Comics)
Power of the Valkyrie (Blue Water Comics)
Judo Girl (Blue Water Comics)
Orion the Hunter (Blue Water Comics)
Kade (Sean O’Reilly/Arcana Studio)
Ezra (Sean O’Reilly/Arcana Studio)
Starkweather (David Rodriguez & Arcana Studio)
Johnny Copperhead of American Wasteland (R.D. Hall)
Eve: Vampire Diva (Frank J. LaPerch & Arcana Studio)
Koni Waves (Mark Poulton, Stephen Sistilli, & Dexter Weeks)
GearHead (Dennis Hopeless, Kevin Mellon)
Sylvia of 100 Girls (Adam Gallardo, Todd Demong)
El Arsenal (Salvador Vázquez)
Glittergirl (Hakan Tacal & Mahmud A. Asrar)
Karabasan (Hakan Tacal & Yildiray Cinar)
Code Name: Zeus (Daniel Vest)
Magnitude (Greg Waller)
Forever Heroes (Richard Pollard)
Halloween Man (Drew Edwards)
General Jack Cosmos (Aaron M. Shaps)
Hack/Slash (Tim Seeley)
MegaStar (Michael Exner)
El Gato Negro (Richard Dominguez)
El Valiente (Ray Ramos)
Mercy Sparx (Josh Blaylock)
Of Bitter Souls (Chuck Satterlee)
Smoke & Mirror (Chuck Satterlee)
Mutation (George T. Singley IV & Ethen Beavers)
Lonebow (George T. Singley IV)
Wargod (George T. Singley IV)
Silent Ghost (George T. Singley IV)
Crusader from Love and Capes (Thom Zahler)
Pierce (James Dracoules & Mark Layne of Imperium Comics)
Liberty Girl (Dennis Mallonee of Heroic Publishing)
Carnage (Richard Kane Ferguson)
Penance (Dave Ryan)
The Scab (Dave Ryan)
Retro-Girl (Vanessa Payne)
BrightEyes (Peter Palmiotti)
Talon (Scottie Ray Watson, a.k.a. SWAT)
Nadja (Weshoyot Alvitre)
Canadian Legion (Rich Evans)
NothingFace (Kel Nuttall)
Crazy Mary (Mike Colbert)
Valentine (Daniel Cooney)
Tiger Wraith (Steven O’Connell)
Java (Ken Okabayashi)
Doc Creepy (Vito Delsante & Jonathan Rector)
Sunburst (M.F.C. Studios)
Jetta (Martheus & Janet Wade)
Spacegirl (Val Fritz)
Andrea Grant’s MINX (Andrea Grant)
Sentinels (Rich Bernatovech)
Quantum: Rock of Ages (Philip Clark)
Philly the comic (Ryan McLelland)
Chronicles of Sara (James Rodriguez)
King of the Realm (Mark Mazz & Ed Traquino)
Commander (Keith Murphy)
Dreadlocks (Andre L. Batts)
Captain Africa (Dwayne J. Ferguson)
The Venger (Matt Spatola)
The Kosmic (John McDowell)
The Experts (Kenn Minter)
Doll from Vampires Unlimited (Bart A. Thompson)
Ms. Monster, Tit & Tat (B-Minus Comiks)
The Sire (Mike Dolce)
West Coast Captain Canuck (Riel Langlois)
Mazscara (Gary T. Becks)
Nina Vargo (Olivia Davis)
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey (Rich Stahnke)
The Wraith (Frank Dirscherl)
Bluewing (Joel A. Danford)
Superhero G of The Imaginaires (Mike S. Miller)
Scarlett’s Curse (Trevor Landolt & Praxis Comics)
Fist of Justice (Ed Dukeshire, Mike Imboden)
Jim Reaper & the Lil’ Hellions (Dwight L. MacPherson)
Editor Girl (Kris Simon)
The X-Heroes (Colin Panetta)
Protoplasman (Gary Carlson & Mort Todd)
Bat Lady (Mort Todd)
Witch Hunter (Vincent Ferrante)
Axiom-man (A.P. Fuchs)
Honor Brigade (Tom Stillwell)
Catalyst (Tom Waltz)
The Yellow Jacket (Scott McCullar)
Bedbug (Scott Rogers)
Aym Geronimo (J. Morgan Neal & Todd Fox)
Fishnet Angel (Sean Taylor)
Nick Landime (Erik Burnham)
Phantom Jack (Michael San Giacomo)
Sniper & Rook (John Metych, III)
The Jade Warrior (Dave Campit)
Queen Rockdora (Evan Quiring)
Rapid City (Josh Dahl)
Captain Tupelo (Matt DeGennaro & Phil Elliott)
Catalyst (Tom Waltz)
Meth from Am I Immortal (Shawnti Therrien)
The Gladiators (Matthew Haley)
Wülf Grilz (Robert J. Sodaro)
Scarab (Lorenzo Lizana)
Goth Ghost Girl (John Schlim)
Cabal from Path to Armageddon (Pat Loika)
Crash (Joanne Ellen Hansen)
Jesus Hates Zombies (Stephen Lindsay)
Kinetics (Mauricio)
Bounty Hunter (Sean Koury)

As you can see from the above list...That is a pretty ambitious undertaking!  And it was so strange, yet wonderful, to see Gumby and Pokey in the first issue!

If YOU are attending the NYCC, be sure to stop by Dave's table at Q-10.  He states that "I'll have some great 11 x 17 prints and an exclusive NYCC ashcan for issue 2 and sketch books", as well as the 200 copies of the first issue.

For those of you that aren't attending the NYCC, or get there too late to buy a copy, there is a download for the first issue available, as seen here: Download.

This was a FUN read for me!  Again, I'm not blogging a complete review in this post.  It's mostly to let you know that the comic book is in hard copy format, and that you should stop by Dave's table Q-10 if you are attending the NYCC to pick this up!

My comic book grade for this publication is a VERY FINE / NEAR MINT, (VF/NM) 9.0 on a 10.0 grading scale.

That's because it truly is a FuN Read, and I am looking forward to reading more of this six issue series! 

Please Note:  You can become a Fan of the War of the Independents Facebook Fan Page by clicking here!

Plus if YOU are attending the NYCC, don't forget the Independence Party on Saturday night, where you can meet Dave and others involved in creating / publishing independent comics such as this one!

And no, Tina and I won't be there at the NYCC or the Party...as we are on the West Coast at this time. 

However, I'm hoping that Dave will have some of the upcoming shipment of 1,300 copies be available at the end of the month, when the upcoming Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) occurs during the Halloween Weekend.  Unfortunately Dave isn't attending this year's LBCC.  Last year's 1st LBCC Annual con is where I met Dave.  Cool guy for sure!

Thanks again, Dave, for keeping me informed of your new series, and best of luck to you at it's debut at the NYCC.  You should easily have a 'Sell Out' of those 200 copies!  Hope there isn't a riot when others come to your table for a copy and you are already sold out!

PLUS: My thanks again to all of YOU reading this blog and our archived blog posts, now over 3,245 total posts in number! I do appreciate your continued reading and support of this Blog!

BTW, You can 'follow' this Blog by clicking the 'Follow' Button at this NetworkedBlogs app!  We currently have over 1,970 'Followers'!  Thanks to ALL of YOU that have already clicked that button!  And for those of YOU that haven't yet...I would appreciate it if YOU would!!!!


~ Michael D Hamersky @ ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com

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My thanks to those of YOU that have read today's blog post! I do appreciate that!

For those of you that didn't know me before today... I first set up as a 'dealer' at the 1972 San Diego West Coast Comic Con (SDCC) at the El Cortez Hotel. So I've been around comic conventions for a little while, LOL 

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