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Sunday, September 4, 2011
The 2nd Night of the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival - Larceny With Music
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Other Cons


The 2nd Night of the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival - September 2nd

1943 Film: 'Larceny With Music'

Held at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park in Carlsbad, California

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Left Column Top Photo:  Walking down from the parking area to the main house on the Leo Carrillo Ranch before sunset.  Bring your own picnic food for the festivl, as there are only snacks, popcorn & cold drinks this season!
Topmost Photo This Column:  Each Night of the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival starts with an episode of The Cisco Kid TV Show that ran from 1950 - 1956 with 156 episodes
  Video Directly Above:  This is just a short video to let those of you thinking about attending the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival know what the area looks like.  Attendees sit outside, under the stars, like Leo's Hollywood friends would do.  You need to bring low-back chairs to sit up in the front area, as the high-back chairs have to be placed in the back area!  Plus take in a quick look at the main house which is open from 6PM - 7 PM, before the Cisco Kid episode is shown!

TODAY'S FEATURE - Blog #3500:

As I blogged about in my blog #3492, the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival started two Friday nights ago, on August 19th, in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California.

That Friday night had been a fund raiser event, which we had to unfortunately miss out on, as it was also the last evening of the 2011 TGIF Jazz In The Park series, also in Carlsbad. (See this photo album for pics from the last night!)

So, a couple of our neighbors and my youngest son decided to take in the 1st evening of the actual 2011 Film Festival on Friday, August 26th, as seen in blog #3499.   My wife, Tina, was not feeling well, and decided that she needed to conserve her strength for the 2nd Annual So Cal Comic Con that was taking place the next day. (See blog #3495 for that report on the comic con.)

So this past Friday night, September 2nd, Tina, our neighbor Mary Lou, and I made plans to see the 2nd evening of the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival.  Of course this time we brought food after the fiasco the previous Friday night, LOL!

Well... We saw a couple of our church friends there in the audience, but as we had high-back chairs we had to sit in the back area, which was fine with us.  

Then we saw our church's founder and her husband arrive, and invited them to sit with us. Diana & Dick Swenson also didn't get the 'word' that there wasn't any food being served this year, and they only had a bottle of wine and a snack, just as we did the week before!   So we shared what we had brought with them, as it was getting too late for pizza delivery!  Very soon it was time for the opening scenes of the Cisco Kid episode that would be shown before the feature film. 

The Cisco Kid?   Yes, because as shown in the earlier blog #3492, (linked above), I mentioned that Leo Carrillo was 'Pancho', sidekick to the Cisco Kid, which is why I'm blogging about this Film Festival here. The Cisco Kid had 40 comic book issues as well, as seen here.  That is the 'tie-in' to this blog of mine, and why I've blogged about the Film Festival for the past several years. (Note:  I sell western comic books, including issues of the Cisco Kid, when available, at my online comic book shop.)

After the Cisco Kid episode, which was a good one(!), there was the usual intermission.  No raffle again this night.  Instead there was a wheel of fortune, which you can see in the special photo album I've uploaded at my Facebook Fan Page.

The film that was shown that 2nd evening? Well... It was from 1943, and titled: 'Larceny With Music'!

What was the film about?  Here's what is at the Imdb for the 64 minute film:

Two Line Synopsis:  A former bootlegger is now the prosperous owner of a popular nightclub. A hustling promoter manages to pass off a young singer as the heir to a fortune and gets him booked at the club.

Storyline:  In a desperate attempt to get a job for Ken Daniels and Alvino Rey and his Orchestra, agent Mike Simms plots to make Daniels a missing heir. Simms hires Austin J. Caldwell to pose as an attorney and go to Gus Borelli, owner of the swank Blue Room, asking if he has heard about Daniels' inheritance. Borelli, figuring he can cut in on the money, bright Daniels and Simms to the Blue Room just as Pamela Mason is rehearsing some songs with Zybisco and his string quintet. Simms refuses to let Daniels sing with the quintet,saying he has already made arrangements with Alvino Rey to bring his orchestra and the King Sisters (Alyce, Donna, Louise and Yvonne King) into the Blue Room. This causes Pamela to lose her job and she is furious with Daniels, who tells her he will get her a job with the Rey orchestra. Later, she discovers the hoax tells Borelli, who sets out to kill Daniels and Simms...(continued)

Here's a list of the credited cast:

Allan Jones...as Ken Daniels

Kitty Carlisle...Pamela Mason

Leo Carrillo...Gus Borelli

William Frawley...Mike Simms

Gus Schilling...Austin J. Caldwell

Lee Patrick...Agatha Parkinson

Samuel S. Hinds...Brewster

Sig Arno...Zybisco

Alvino Rey...Orchestra Leader

The King Sisters...Themselves

So... what did we think?  Mary Lou thought it was a lot better than the first film of this film series shown last week!  Tina enjoyed parts of the film.  Both were born after this movie was first shown, so the music in the 'B' Musical film was not exactly their favorite genre of music.

As for myself... I'm also born after this time period, but I found this very short 'B' musical film to be a fun one to watch 'under the stars'.  The King Sisters were not a female group that I'm very knowledgeable about, but I did know that one of them married the band leader, Alvino Rey.

I also remember Kitty Carlisle best for her game shows appearances when I was growing up, on 'To Tell The Truth' and 'What's My Line'.  I knew at the time she had been 'big' in Broadway and had been in films, but this was the first one I had seen where she was a co-star.  So seeing her in this film was fun, and brought back memories of those days for me! 

Leo Carrillo?  Here he played an Italian-American mobster... a rum-runner during Prohibition who was now down on his luck money-wise, with just his club left from the good old days. 

There was a 'name cast' to this 'B' musical film, and they all played their roles pretty well!  This is something that should be shown on Turner's film channel...!

So, yeah, I'm going again tonight to the 3rd evening of the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival!  Along with Tina & Mary Lou, and possibly other neighbors.  Whether there is a 'report' or not afterwards... I don't know at this time. It depends upon the 'views' this blog receives in the coming week, and any rsponses at my Facebook Fan Page at 'Michael D Hamersky On Comics'...!   

Here are a few links you may want to check out further that I have posted:

Photo Album:  1st Night of 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival - What's Cookin'?

Photo Album:  2nd Night of 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival - Larceny with Music.

link to the 2011 Leo Carrillo Film Festival flyer so you can see what the rest of the films being shown are this season.

I also want to mention that the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park has a Facebook Fan Page, that I suggest readers of this blog 'LIKE', if you are into Leo Carrillo, the Cisco Kid, and / or the Leo Carrillo Film Festival.


~Michael D Hamersky - who is asking you for your vote in the voting that is ENDING TONIGHT at The Shel Dorf Awards web site. I was nominated for 'Comic Blogger of the Year' on Monday, August 8th!   While being honored to be nominated, I'd also like to win! The competition has some other good nominees for the same category I was nominated for, so I'm asking for your help on this!

If you have enjoyed this blog or any of the others in the now over 3,499 blogs in this series of mine, I'd appreciate your vote!

Here is a direct link to the voting page. 'Comic Blogger of the Year' is the category, and 'Michael Hamersky On Comics' is the name I'm listed as to vote for.

Here is a link to blog #3481, where I went more into depth on this topic.

My thanks to any of you that take the time to vote for me!  The voting ENDS TONIGHT, September 4th of 2011!


My thanks again to all of YOU reading this blog and our archived blog posts, now at 3,500 total posts in number!   I do appreciate your continued reading and support of this Blog!

BTW, You can 'follow' this blog by clicking the 'Follow' Button at this NetworkedBlogs app link!  We currently have over 2,538 'Followers'!  Thanks to ALL of YOU that have already clicked that button! 

And for those of YOU that haven't yet... I would appreciate it if YOU would!!!

~ Michael D Hamersky

Note:  My online 'Local' Comic Book Shop (LCBS), carries many different genres of comics, magazines, graphic novels, and comic con promotional items. Possibly even copies of the item(s) that was mentioned here today...!

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