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Friday, April 15, 2011
Welcome to the World of Make It So Marketing Inc.!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Other Non Comics Works


Michael D Hamersky On Comics Welcomes YOU To:

The 'World' of

Make It So Marketing Inc.!

Click Here to Meet The Sellers at ComicBooksCircus!
Tina & Michael at the 2010 Adventures of Captain Rochester Artists Appreciation Dinner!

Click Here to add This ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com to Your list of NetworkedBlogs!

  Michael's ComicBookCollectors Blog.com has its roots in the first month of eBay's blogs!
Click here to see our virtual table at the virtual Facebook Comic Con!
Our 'virtual' table at the 'virtual' Facebook Comic Con can trace its 'roots' back to Michael D Hamersky selling at the 1972 San Diego Comic Con!
Click here to see the Make It So Marketing Inc web site! 
Tina incorporated 'Make It So Marketing Inc. back in 2004.  The Logo was designed by Joe (JoepeP) Pepitone!



TODAY'S FEATURE - Blog #3391:

Click here for our eBay Store listings!

Welcome to the 'World' of Make It So Marketing Inc.!

I thought I would post a 'road map / site map' for those of YOU that are either newcomers to one of our websites which referred you here, or a long time 'fan' who wasn't aware of all the operations that are currently happening for Tina LoSasso & myself, (Michael D Hamersky).

Back in 1972 I started selling at what was called the 'San Diego's West Coast Comic Convention... Which in 1973 ( as seen in the photo at the top right), evolved into the 'San Diego Comic Con', which today is known as 'Comic-Con International: San Diego'.   So you see, I do know a little bit about comics, LOL!

This blog you are reading right now is known as the 'ComicBookCollectorsBlog', and when adding the dot com to the name, is the name for the web site.  I started blogging back on June 7th of 2006 when I entered the first of my blogs into a 'contest' that eBay was promoting to introduce their eBay Blogs platform.  My 'un-named blog' at that time won a $100 prize, which motivated me even more, LOL!  Unfortunately back on October 31st of 2009, eBay grew tired of policing their blog platform, which had turned into a 'free-for-all chat room', IMO. 

Fortunately I had already started this new blog platform in February of 2007 at a different host site, and decided to call it ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com, as eBay would not allow me to have any off-eBay links in their blogging platform.  Very restrictive, which led me to do this on my own.  You wouldn't believe the number of views my 'little' eBay blog had in its 3+ years of exposure on eBay... What a shame that others transformed it into a 'chat room' that couldn't be policed properly... Oh well...!

I don't want to make this too long of a blog today... As I have other projects that need attending to.  Suffice to say, things have really expanded since 1972 when I first set up as a dealer at a small local comic con. 

Tina has gone full time into her side of the business, with her own Facebook Fan Page for Make It So Marketing, (a.k.a. MarketingTina.com), as well as the main web site for her book promotions & book launches!

Here is the actual 'site map' for Make It So Marketing, which will be updated in the months to follow:

Business Card for Michael D Hamersky - Thanks to JoepeP again for the logo I am using!

ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com on Google - Now with about 18,300 entries!

ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com - Which you are now reading!

Comic Book Collectors Blog at Blogspot - A 'backup' blogging format, in case my current blog platform site does an 'eBay' on me. This page is not updated, just reserved if needed for usage, as the html doesn't work properly there...

ComicBooksCircus.com - The eBay Store that Michael uses to sell comics & other collectibles!

Facebook Comic Con | Make It So Marketing - Michael was pleased to be one of the earliest members of this first 'virtual comic con', started by Michael Netzer!  The FBCC has its main group page at:  Facebook Comic Con!

LinkedIn for Michael D Hamersky -  Michael's LinkedIn presence. I invite you to link in with me if you are in the industry.

LinkedIn for Tina LoSasso - Tina's LinkedIn presence.

Make It So Marketing Inc. - Mainly used as a 'brochure' mentioning the corporation and what it does for authors and other creators, that Tina set up back in 2004.

Make It So Marketing on Digg - Blogs & other sites submitted by Michael to Digg.

Make It So Marketing Inc. on Google - Now with about 10,500 entries!

MarketingTina.com - The Facebook Fan Page for Make It So Marketing Inc., that is administered by Tina.

Michael D Hamersky On Comics - The Facebook Fan Page for Michael's wall posts, photos, notes, etc. on Facebook.  (a.k.a. Hamersky.com)

NetworkedBlogs app for ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com - Where YOU can click the 'follow' button to follow this blog, which is the #1 'followed' blog on Facebook for comics / comic books / graphic novels using this app on Facebook!

Photo Albums from Past Comic Cons, Sci-Fi Cons, Fantasy Cons, Anime Cons, and other Pop Culture Cons - Going back to 1973, with thousands more pics to upload when time permits...!

RomanceComicBooks.com - This used to have its own web site... Now it re-directs to our romance comics aisle in our eBay store...

WarComicBooks.com - This used to have its own web site.. Now it re-directs to our war comics aisle in our eBay store...

WesternComicBooks.com  - This used to have its own web site also.  Now it re-directs to our western comics and magazines aisle in our eBay store...

That should do it for now... Thanks for reading this blog today... I invite to check out the links shown above for additional info and fun reading!

~Michael D Hamersky

My thanks again to all of YOU reading this blog and our archived blog posts, now at 3,391 total posts in number!  I do appreciate your continued reading and support of this Blog!

BTW, You can 'follow' this Blog by clicking the 'Follow' Button at this NetworkedBlogs app!  We currently have over 2,375 'Followers'!  Thanks to ALL of YOU that have already clicked that button! 

And for those of YOU that haven't yet... I would appreciate it if YOU would!!!

~ Michael D Hamersky


Note:  My online 'Local' Comic Book Shop (LCBS), carries many different genres of comics, magazines, graphic novels, and comic con promotional items. Possibly even copies of the item that was reviewed here today...!

If I have it... You can find it 'Under The Big Top Of Comics' at:  


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The screen display resolution is best seen at the setting of 1024 x 768 on your laptop or desktop computer.

NOTE: All images and characters within this blog post are copyright and trademark their respective owners.

Comics Creators: If you are breaking into, or already work in the comic book industry or other pop culture productions, you are welcome to email or mail us press releases, news items, and updates that you feel would be of interest to our blog readers. Including YOUR own works!

To mail printed items to us for possible review, send to:

Make It So Marketing Inc., PO Box 130653, Carlsbad, CA 92013

 Also, if you are a Facebook member, I would have liked you to send me a 'Friend Request'. However, I have reached the maximum limit of 5,000 Facebook Friends and Fan pages already, so I've added a New 'Facebook Fan Page' so that even more of YOU can 'Like' what I am doing, and be interactive with me and others there.  Here is the link to that 'Facebook Fan Page': Michael D Hamersky On Comics! Please click the 'Like' button on that page! 
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Updated: Friday, April 15, 2011 3:59 PM PDT
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