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Saturday, April 23, 2011
Kristen's Take On: The Action Bible from the Christian Comic Arts Society!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New


Kristen Hamersky's Take On...

The Action Bible!

God's Redemptive Story... From the Christian Comic Arts Society!

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Above: The front cover to 'The Action Bible'!
Top Left: The Christian Comics Arts Society booth at the 2010 Long Beach Comic Con, where they were awarding 100 of these to winners during the three day con! BTW, the CCAS will be presenting a panel at the April 23rd 1-day LBCC Expo from 5Pm to 5:45 PM!



TODAY'S FEATURE - Blog #3397:

I'm getting ready to leave Carlsbad, California to drive up to the 1-day Long Beach Comic Con Expo, that I've been blogging about and also mentioning at my Facebook Fan Page, 'Michael D Hamersky On Comics'.  My youngest son, Vinnie, will be going up with me to help photograph and mobile Facebook from the Long Beach Convention Center.

So I'm really pleased that my oldest child, Kristen Hamersky, is pinch hitting today for me, with a timely topic to blog about.  Plus the Christian Comic Arts Society is also presenting a panel at the LBCC Expo this very afternoon, from 5PM to 5:45 PM. Definitely a timely blog today!

Also... This is Kristen's first guest blog in this Blog... So please welcome her! 


Hello Blog Readers, I am Michael D Hamersky's daughter, Kristen Hamersky. I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative and you are invited to visit my site to purchase some great products, after reading this blog of course!

My father asked me to write a blog about The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story, a bible of the Christian faith-in sequential art form. He has asked me to do this as the Easter Holiday is just around the corner, (tomorrow!).

The illustrations are by Sergio Cariello, and the text is by David Cook. The below contents of this blog include my thoughts on the artwork, storyline, who I would recommend it to and why. This blog comes from the point of view of an active Catholic.

The drawings and stories closely correlate to the stories from the bible. For example, the designs of the people in here are what you see on some of the older paintings - the same facial features, hair design and color, and it all looks exactly what you would imagine from reading the bible. The same is likewise for the stories. They are transferred flawlessly from the bible to the Action Bible without fail. I have seen no major differences when reading this graphic novel, that it is in fact a different book. The stories are so much alike, that this could be an exact substitute for reading the bible.

The artwork looks realistic, especially in the drawings of the people. The colors used were very vibrant. The scenery in the art makes the stories look like you're actually there in the book. It can also make you feel like you are "adventuring" to that time period. The art was very crisp and clean, and obviously time was spent to make such detailed works, and was definitely not rushed. It showed that the creators put a lot of thought into this before just jumping right to it and putting it out on the market.

The storyline in the book flows well. Some of the stories are based upon more than one section from the bible. Putting the stories together helps the book flow better because you can read about one bible character in a few sections of the novel. The story also is strongly based upon the bible, which allows for one to read this if they prefer fewer words with detailed pictures, rather than reading about every single detail. However, this can also be used to back up some information, such as if you are reading the bible and come across a section you don't quite understand. Just pull out the Action Bible, and read the section from there. You can now visualize the section better, allowing to understand it more.

This book will appeal to a graphic novel fan who wouldn't regularly be reading a bible. The stories are easy to understand and bibically correct. Im not usually a person who likes graphic novels but I found the artwork and the story to be targeted to someone who would like to learn more about the Bible through their favorite art format.

I would give this book to a friend that favors sequential art or believes in the Christian Faith or to those who don't, as this book can appeal to these three groups equally.

All in all, I find this story to be a great read, and I definitely would recommend this to people interested in reading the Christian bible in the form that comics are presented in, sequential art.

I give this hard cover publication a comic book grade of Very Fine Plus (VF+), an 8.5 out of a 10.0 grading scale. I thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you can find this to be a good book to read and cherish.

~Kristen Hamersky


Thanks Kristen for sending me this blog for the 'Weekend Edition' of my Blog! And it is rather timely for the Easter Weekend too!

Here's the links that YOU, the blog reader, should have:

The Action Bible - Where you can purchase it online - The Action Bible

The Christian Comic Arts Society - Facebook Fan Page

The Christian Comic Arts Society web site - For more info

My thanks to the Christian Comic Art Society for presenting me with a copy for possible review!

~Michael D Hamersky

My thanks again to all of YOU reading this blog and our archived blog posts, now at 3,397 total posts in number!  I do appreciate your continued reading and support of this Blog!

BTW, You can 'follow' this Blog by clicking the 'Follow' Button at this NetworkedBlogs app!  We currently have over 2,388 'Followers'!  Thanks to ALL of YOU that have already clicked that button! 

And for those of YOU that haven't yet... I would appreciate it if YOU would!!!

~ Michael D Hamersky


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