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Monday, April 8, 2013
Passing of Annette Funicello... At Age 70
Mood:  sad
Topic: Comic Book History
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Michael D Hamersky On Comics Is Sad To Mention The Passing Of... 
Annette Funicello
October 22, 1942 – April 8, 2013


TODAY'S FEATURE IS BLOG #3828 -    This afternoon I was running errands when I was 'tagged' on Facebook by my wife, Tina LoSasso.

Her tag was about the fact that Annette Funicello had passed away earlier this morning.   Tina was mentioning Annette just recently, as I had sold a lot of my Annette Funicello collection before we got married.   I had to downsize my collections as we moved into her smaller condo when we first got married almost twelve years ago.

Anyways... Tina had always wondered why I had an Annette Funicello collection...

Well, it had to do with the fact that Annette was on the original 'Mickey Mouse Club' when she was only twelve.   Then she went on to do Disney serials, and on to do the Beach Party musicals with Frankie Avalon.   Of course she was on the front cover of comics also!  As seen at the top right of this blog post, she was in Zorro, the TV Show and the comic book

I also enjoyed listening to her 45s and LPs.   I had almost a complete collection of her recordings at one time...

Also her books, photos, etc. 

She was one of a few females whose stuff I collected... But hers was the biggest collection I had of female stars.

I wish I could post a link to the comic books that she was in, but there doesn't seem to be one.  Here's a Google link for 'Annette Funicello' +'Comic Books'.

Here is her Discography, for those of you wondering how much she recorded:

Mono albums

    Annette – Vista BV-3301 (1959)
    Annette Sings Anka (#21) – Vista BV-3302 (1960)
    Hawaiiannette (#38) – Vista BV-3303 (1960)
    Italiannette – Vista BV-3304 (1960)
    Dance Annette – Vista BV-3305 (1961)
    The Story of My Teens – Vista BV-3312 (1962)

Stereo albums

    Annette's Beach Party (#39) – Vista BV-3316 (Mono)/STER-3316 (Stereo) (July 1963)
    Muscle Beach Party – Vista BV-3314/STER-3314 (April 1964)
    Annette On Campus – Vista BV-3320/STER-3320 (1964)
    Annette At Bikini Beach – Vista BV-3324/STER-3324 – (September 1964)
    Pajama Party – Vista BV-3325/STER-3325 (November 1964)
    Something Borrowed Something Blue – Vista BV-3328/STER-3328 (1964)
    Annette Sings Golden Surfin' Hits – Vista BV-3327/STER-3327 (July 1965)
    Annette Funicello – Vista BV-4037 (1972)
    Annette Funicello Country Album – Starview 4001 (1984)
    Best of Annette – Rhino RNDF-206 (1984) (also released as a picture disk on Rhino RNLP-702)
    Annette: A Musical Reunion with America's Girl-Next-Door – Vista 60010 (1993)
    A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes – Time/Warner 520564 (April 16, 1995)
    The Best of Annette – Vista (August 14, 1991)


    "How Will I Know My Love"/"Don't Jump To Conclusions" – Disneyland 102 (1958)
    "That Crazy Place In Outer Space"/"Gold Doubloons and Pieces of Eight" – Disneyland 114 (1958)
    "Tall Paul" (#7)/"Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" – Disneyland 118 (1959)
    "Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy" (#73)/"Lonely Guitar" – Vista 336 (1959) (later pressings feature "Love Me Forever" as the B-side)
    "Lonely Guitar" (#50)/"Wild Willie" – Vista 339 (1959)
    "Especially For You"/"My Heart Became Of Age" – Vista 344 (1959)
    "First Name Initial" (#20)/"My Heart Became of Age" (#74) – Vista 349 (1959)
    "O Dio Mio" (#10)/"It Took Dreams" – Vista 354 (1960)
    "Train of Love" (#36)/"Tell Me Who's The Girl" – Vista 359 (1960)
    "Pineapple Princess" (#11)/"Luau Cha Cha Cha" – Vista 362 (1960)
    "Talk to Me Baby" (#92)/"I Love You Baby" – Vista 369 (1960)
    "Dream Boy" (#87)/"Please, Please Signore" – Vista 374 (1961)
    "Indian Giver"/"Mama, Mama Rosa (Where's The Spumoni)" – Vista 375 (1961)
    "Hawaiian Love Talk"/"Blue Muu Muu" (#107) – Vista 384 (1961)
    "Dreamin' About You" (#106)/"Strummin' Song" – Vista 388 (1961)
    "That Crazy Place From Outer Space"/"Seven Moons (Of Batalyre) (By Danny Saval & Tom Tyron) – Vista 392 (1962)
    "The Truth About Youth"/"I Can't Do The Sum" – Vista 394 (1962)
    "My Little Grass Shack"/"Hukilau" – Vista 400 (1962)
    "He's My Ideal"/"Mr. Piano Man" – Vista 405 (1962)
    "Bella Bella Florence"/"Canzone d'Amoure" – Vista 407 (1962)
    "Teenage Wedding"/"Walkin' and Talkin'" – Vista 414 (1962)
    "Treat Him Nicely"/"Promise Me Anything" (#123) – Vista 427 (1963)
    "Merlin Jones"/"The Scrambled Egghead" – Vista 431 (1964)

Duets with Tommy Kirk

    "Custom City"/"Rebel Rider" – Vista 432 (1964)
    "Muscle Beach Party"/"I Dream About Frankie" – Vista 433 (1964)
    "Bikini Beach Party"/"The Clyde" – Vista 436 (1964)
    "The Wah-Watusi"/"The Clyde" – Vista 437 (1964)
    "Something Borrowed, Something Blue"/"How Will I Know My Love" – Vista 438 (1965) (B-side is  a new version of Annette's first recording)
    "The Monkey's Uncle"/"How Will I Know My Love" – Vista 440 (1965) (A-side features Annette with The Beach Boys)
    "Boy To Love"/"No One Else Could Be Prouder" – Vista 442 (1965)
    "No Way To Go But Up"/"Crystal Ball" – Vista 450 (1966)
    "What's A Girl To Do"/"When You Get What You Want" – Tower 326 (1967) (Annette's name is misspelled on both sides as "Annettte")
    "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes"/"Merlin Jones" – Vista 475 (1970)
    "(Together We Can Make A) Merry Christmas"/"The Night Before Christmas" – Pacific Star 569 (1981)

Duets with Frankie Avalon

    "The Promised Land"/"In Between and Out Of Love" – Starview 3001 (1983)

Here is her Filmography:

    The Shaggy Dog (1959)
    Babes in Toyland (1961)
    Elfego Baca: Six Gun Law (1962) (compilation of episodes from Wonderful World of Color serial)
    The Horsemasters (1962) (compilation of episodes from Wonderful World of Color serial)
    Beach Party (1963)
    The Misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964)
    Muscle Beach Party (1964)
    Bikini Beach (1964)
    Pajama Party (1964)
    Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)
    The Monkey's Uncle (1965)
    Ski Party (1965) (Cameo)
    How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)
    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) (Cameo)
    Fireball 500 (1966)
    Thunder Alley (1967)
    Head (1968)
    Back to the Beach (1987)
    Troop Beverly Hills (1989) (Cameo)

Since I can't find a listing of the comic books she was in... I'll post the ones I can find and upload to a special photo album at my Facebook Fan Page, titled 'Annette Funicello In Comic Books'..

I for one am a little shocked at her passing... I just blogged the passing of two others last week here in this blog, and mentioned a third person on my Facebook Fan Page.

My condolences to her family and friends.

Thank you, Annette, for what you did during your lifetime...  You were a good person to idolize and emulate.  BTW, It was due to your Skippy commercials in the 1980s that I changed peanut butter brands! 

~ Michael



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