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Monday, November 3, 2008
Voyagers.... Time Again?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: TV Shows


Voyagers.... Time Again?

For those of you new to our Blog, we have approximately 2,700 archived blog posts. Thus we've added a 'stats' counter to see what bloggers are viewing, and what posts we should be updating when possible.

This past week I've noticed that our archived blog post on the 'Voyagers' TV Show from 1982-83 is being viewed by severaI bloggers, and keeps showing up in our Top 20 Archived Blog Posts.

I have to admit that I am fascinated by Time Travel TV Series. Those series included 'Time Tunnel' in the 1960's, 'Quantum Leap' in the 1990's, and most recently 'Journeyman'  and now 'Life On Mars' in the 2000's.

One time travel series that I blogged about in the past was the TV Series 'Voyagers!', which was broadcast in the 1982-1983 season on NBC. When I blogged about it, I mentioned that it was on a DVD set, (see below)..

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Starting on October 3, 1982 the series had Phineas Bogg (played by Jon-Erik Hexum) as one of a society of time travelers called 'Voyagers'.

Phineas along with the help of a young boy named Jeffrey Jones, (who was played by Meeno Peluce), used a hand-held device called an 'Omni' (that looked much like an old time large pocket watch) to travel thru time and ensured that history unfolded as we knew it at the time in 1982.

In the first episode Jeffrey was there to ensure that baby Moses' basket traveled down the Nile where it was met by Pharaoh's daughter. With Jeffrey it wasn't going to turn out that way...

For you new bloggers, I want to point out that there were several running gags in the episodes.

The biggest one was Phineas' lack of knowledge on important historical dates, so which the kid Jeffrey helped him set time right.

Phineas also had a fear of dogs, (i.e. Indiana Jones and snakes).

With his good looks, Phineas was of course a great womanizer and somehow fell for a beautiful woman almost every episode!

I currently have not found out why this archived blog post is being viewed so many times this past week. Quite often when this is the case, the bloggers viewing the archived blog post are looking for verification of rumours that a show is being developed again for another run or in a different format. Time will tell why the archived blog post is so active, (pun intended!).

For those of you that are new to our blog today, we have an ongoing 'Comics Con and Pop Culture Show' here at "Make It So Marketing Inc.", what with our daily blog posts and new listings of items for sale in our online store!

Thanks for reading this blog post today, and please join us again for more!

~  Michael

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Above are the Stars Of the One Season TV Show... Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce.


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Posted by makeitsomarketing at 5:52 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, August 22, 2009 12:02 PM PDT
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Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 11:20 AM PDT

Name: "Ginger"
Home Page: http://www.voyagersguidebook.net

Just found this blog today...I totally understand why so many people are bringing up this blog. This show was adorable, as was it's lead, Jon-Erik Hexum. I have been a big Hexum fan for years and have done much to keep his memory alive. Tons of Fans have really come out of the woodwork!! I personally love Voyagers and have created a huge website for it years ago. It's bigger than ever. Perhaps people had found it at the time, my links are all over the place, lol. Nice blog about the series. I think Voyagers could definitely be remade today, it had a very awesome premise and if they just find the right leads, it could very well be a hit. Although in my opinion and in the opinion of many, many fans of Jon-Erik..there will never be another like him. 

Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 11:56 AM PDT

Name: makeitsomarketing
Home Page: http://makeitsomarketing.tripod.com

Why Thank You Ginger for taking the time to write such a long comment!  I do appreciate your input on the series here! Feel free to come back anytime... even though I've only blogged about this show once or twice here!  I'll take a look at your page next! 

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