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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
FACTION Issue #0 Now On Sale!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Comic Books - New


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Above is the color cover of the B&W comic book FACTION.  Creator/writer: Erik W Hendrix, Illustrator: Arnie Gordon, Colorist: Michael Nelsen.


Faction Issue #0

Now On Sale! 

During Round 4 of Small Press Idol 2009 (SPI)!

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Above was the creator / writer of FACTION, Erik W Hendrix, showing Michael D Hamersky several pages of the concept of FACTION, plus other projects he has in mind for the future.  Photo taken May 2009 at "A Night of Music - Art - Comics" @ Sky High Comics in San Marcos, California.

Those who have been 'following' this Blog for a while will know that I've been watching the three rounds of 'Small Press Idol' (SPI) this year...  

One of the entries that started in Round 1 was 'FACTION'.  The concept interested me and I have been voting for that concept in all three rounds so far.  There were 42 contestants in Round 1.

Now it is one of the 'Final Four' in Round 4 of SPI as seen here: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/content287.html#Round4  

So what has occured so far in the four rounds?  Well, this is what each Round consisted of:

Round 1: The Basic Premise/Talent
Round 2: Characters, Please
Round 3: Sequential Primers
Round 4: Origin or #0 issue

With Round 4 we now see a 'finished product', which is also available for sale either as a download or a hard copy, Your choice of format.

I've not seen the whole concept put together until this month.  It is good to see something that I liked months ago as a concept come together into a published format!

Here is what Erik W Hendrix, creator, has to say about the concept of FACTION:

"The year is 2025 and the worlds’ governments are focused on eradicating the escalating terrorist threat in the Middle East secretly supported by the demonic Den Malignity. This effort has left Master Sergeant Acker Kinney, a Special Ops Medic, scarred and short an arm, forever changed.

When Acker is attacked by a demonic minion while recovering from his wounds in a military hospital, he is saved by Knights from the Society of the Enlightened. Soon he will be one of them; men and women blessed by God with countless lifetimes of knowledge and rediscovered powers.

The Society and the Den Malignity, enemies in an eternal struggle, must react when other factions, long thought banished or destroyed, rise to reclaim what was theirs. The Society and its knights must determine in this changed landscape who their allies and enemies are as factions vie for a stake in the world’s destiny.

The schemes of gods, the desires of demons, the powers of nature, myth, and the supernatural – all set forth to control a world the Society has sworn to protect. This is Faction."


OK...  Now here is what I have to say about FACTION the Issue #0 after reading it:

Until this published issue I had not seen the concept in color, just in B&W format.  So seeing the Front Cover in COLOR was cool!  Yes, the interior pages are still B&W, but a lot (majority?) of independent comics are in that format. 

I knew from the beginning I liked the concept, and from the selected pages that were shown in the early rounds, I knew that I liked Erik's dialogue.  Now I know I liked the storyline as well!

The artwork shown in the early rounds was just a little different, and possibly didn't go with the storyline as well as it could have.  Erik must have realized that and had a change in artists partway through the rounds.  The artwork for this published issue is much stronger and has been re-imagined by Arnie Gordon.  The finished artwork complements the story more than the earlier artwork IMHO.

Michael Nelsen's colors on the cover makes the issue stand out. Which is what is needed when the comic hits the LCBS for more exposure. Good job there Michael!

So all in all, I am pleased with the way Issue Zero turned out! Besides the story that is published in this issue, there are also the creators bios, the character sketches & bios, and other conceptual pages included.  I would have to say after reading this issue, that it is one that I would recommend to You to vote on!  Remember though, that in this Round 4, 'voting' means buying the issue!

So here are the instructions for those of YOU that are interested in supporting FACTION in Round 4, as the voting rounds are over. Now to 'vote' You have to Buy an Issue of FACTION #0 :

FANS - There are two ways for fans to get Faction Zero.

   1. Order direct - PRINT COPY - http://www.dimestoredistro.com/faction-0-2274.html PDF DOWNLOAD - http://www.dimestoredistro.com/faction-0-dl-2275.html  Note: FACTION is item DSP-I09-F0. You can download for $2.00 or purchase the printed version for $3.50 plus postage BEFORE AUGUST 31st!
   2. Go to your local comic book store and give them the below retailer information, explaining that you want them to carry the book and, well, hopefully they will! Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st!

RETAILERS - There are two ways to get copies to your store.

   1. Order from Haven directly by going to http://www.havendistro.com, sign up, send a mail to Haven requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction to order. All orders must be turned in for Faction on or before AUGUST 31st! Issues will deliver in September.
   2. Order from DimeStore directly by going to
http://www.dimestoredistro.com, sign up, send an email to DimeStore requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction DSP-I09-F0. Issues will deliver in  September.

Please note, the order code DSP-I09-F0 is Case Sensitive DSP-I(letter)0(zero)9-F0(zero).

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~ Michael  (and Tina)


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