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Saturday, August 8, 2009
NeIL - An Existential Crisis - Graphic Novel by Jon Ascher
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New


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Above is the Front Cover to the 1st Trial Run Print of NeIL the Graphic Novel by Jon Ascher!



An Existential Crisis

The Graphic Novel By Jon Ascher

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Jon Ascher with Jess Jinkies In Artists Alley @ The San Diego Comic Con International 2009!

I am really enjoying seeing projects that have been brought to my attention early on in the creative process come into fruition!  

Jess Jinkies brought Jon Ascher's graphic novel concept to my attention several months ago when Jon was first painting 'NeIL'.

When I asked what 'NeIL' was, I was told that "Neil is a modern urban fable about existential crisis and redemption".

When I asked further after seeing the first pages of this concept I was sent the additional blurb:

"For Neil, finding the meaning of life just might cost the ultimate price!

Meet Neil, an ordinary punk, who hit a few bumps in the road...

Drugs can do some funny things, and some funny things do happen. But as Neil feels increasingly taunted by the weird twists of his life and everything around him, is he going mad? or is someone, or some thing, out to get him? As his world starts to unravel, the joke stops being funny... !"

OK, that wasn't a subject matter that would normally jump right out at me at first glance... it is too realistic, too 'real life' for me to usually want to pick up this subject matter to read more.  I read for 'escapism', for 'fun', not to read about 'real life' problems.  Same thing when I go to the theater.  I don't want to see real life problems on the Big Screen. I want Big Screen action... adventure... out of this world stories that make the steep price of admission worthwhile for Tina and I to attend the showing! 

But it was the painted pages that were so different, so stylistic that made me want to view more of this project.  Which I did in the months to follow via Jon's Facebook Member Page, and then later his Facebook Fan Page for this graphic novel idea.

Jon Ascher is a Graphic artist, illustrator, designer, whose work is best seen when holding the sample copy in your own hands, and flipping the pages. 

Yes, the sample pages seen in his Facebook accounts give You the viewer a 'feel' for the project.  But it's not like holding the sample trial run copy in your own hands!  The printed pages in this graphic novel, especially near the end are 'mind blowing', 'far out' and otherwise 'trippy' to use words that came to mind for me when reading them in print!

This graphic novel, (GN), NEEDS a publisher, one that is willing to put this graphic novel into the hands of the public that would benefit and even enjoy the experience of reading this all the way through!

The closest experience to reading something like this was when I read and reviewed the graphic novel 'Voodoo Child' - The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix.  That was created and produced by Martin I Green, and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz!   That story was a familar one since Jimi was so well known in life and afterwards.

I said that this graphic novel was composed of painted pages... right?  Well, when your fingers walk through this GN, you will feel like you are at an art show!  Those that think that sequential art like comic books have nothing to offer will be proven wrong when reading this GN.  

Jon's dynamic paint strokes increase with intensity as the storyline is moved along.  At times the art shown on the 2page spreads are minimal. But that is to convey the raw emotion that Neil is experiencing.  I found those multiple 2page spreads to be one of the best features of this GN.

I was referencing the GN on 'Jimi' earlier... well, NeIL can also be a well known story... this graphic novel just needs a publisher! 

The story itself should probably rated a PG-13 or stronger, as the pages are punctuated by some coarse language, and the underlying theme is not for the youngest readers.  Other than that qualifier, this is a finished project and ready for 'prime time' and ready for a major publishing house. 

Are You one?   Or do You work at one?  Now is the time to check this work out!

If you are interested in either seeing the 30 sample pages online or in obtaining a sample copy of this trial run print of the full 110 page GN, (there would be a cost for that plus shipping of approx $25 to USA addresses), please see Jon Ascher's Facebook web site at:  http://www.facebook.com/neilgraphicnovel  

Jon is also working on providing a .pdf file to send by email, but the multiple 2page spreads which are the 'highlight' to the graphic novel (IMHO), would be split up by default, unless viewed with some kind of horizontally scrolling comics viewer.

And No, You don't have to be a Facebook member to see the Fan Page.  That is one of the best features of a Facebook Fan Page, in that the general public can view the pages.  Just that you have to be a Facebook member in order to post your comments on the page.

My thanks to Jess Jinkies for first bringing this project to my attention, and to Jon Ascher for actually going through the long process of painting these pages after coming up with the storyline itself!

BTW, unless we are on site all day and night during a three day or longer comic con... we normally blog daily on comic book creators, comic book reviews,  comic book conventions, and pop culture news and events!   Plus for purchases of items that our blog posts are based on; please check out our listings of comics, graphic novels, Comic Con exclusives and more pop culture items for sale in our online store

Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!!  

~ Michael 


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Updated: Saturday, August 8, 2009 6:15 AM PDT
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Saturday, August 15, 2009 - 6:23 AM PDT

Name: "Richard"

Different from the usual comic/graphic novel and it stands out not only as a work of art, but a literarry gem. Good luck I sure hope it gets published.

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