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IN MEMORIAM FEATURETTE:   News has reached me last night that Ken Krueger, Chairman of the 1st San Diego Comic Con, passed away this past Saturday, November 21st, 2009.

Ken is pictured below, (fourth from the left), when he attended the "40th-Anniversary Secret Origins of Comic-Con Panel" on the first day of the 2009 Comic Con International: San Diego.

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The photo above that I took at the special panel shows all of those that came to the special 40th Anniversary of the Comic Con - 1970's Origins Panel.  Left to right are: Dave Clark (behind podium), Richard Alf, Greg Bear, Ken Krueger, Roger Freedman, Scott Shaw!, Barry Alfonso, Mike Towry, and William R Lund.  Note: Shel Dorf,  founder of the SDCC, was not able to attend because of his extended stay in the hospital.  Shel also just recently passed away, (click here for that blog). 

Here is just an excerpt from the message that I received:

"Ken Krueger passed away on Saturday, November 21, 2009. As had Shel Dorf, Ken had been on dialysis for an extended period of time. Then late last month, Ken had broken his hip in a fall, and while recuperating he contracted pneumonia and then finally succumbed to a heart attack. He will be sorely missed by family and friends.

As a teenager, Ken Krueger attended the first-ever science fiction convention, the 1939 Worldcon. As an adult, thirty years later, he helped create what has become the premier comics and pop-culture convention, Comic-Con International, for which he served as chairman of the first full convention in August, 1970. In the intervening and subsequent years, Ken was active as a mail-order book seller, book store owner, small-press publisher, periodical distributor and distributor’s rep, and all-around friend to fans and fandom, serving as mentor and life coach to many young fans and aspiring professionals."

The complete 'In Memoriam' note can be found at the Shel Dorf Tribute Page by clicking here.

My condolences to Ken's family and friends. 

Also, my thanks to those at the Tribute Page for sending out this message last night.



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