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NEW MAGAZINES FEATURETTE:   As stated in the above 'Main Feature' of this Blog... This Holiday Season is moving right along for me... too fast really!  I still have several publications that have come in for possible review in my Blog.

One publisher that sent me several publications, including comics, magazines, and mini-comics was Jim Main of Main Enterprises. I have already blogged about a few that caught my eyes earlier.

Below is the front cover to issue #9 of his magazine 'Satyr'.

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Here is the Press Release for that issue:

Fans of the bizarre rejoice! SATYR #9 has finally arrived and it's already been called our best issue yet! Stellar comics and illustrations by Jeff Gaither, Bebop, Brad Foster, Rick Limacher, Alan Limacher, Jack Bertram, Barry Southworth, Ashe Armstrong, Jennifer Walker, Richard Krauss, Erik W. Hendrix, Roger A. Wilbanks and Larry Tisch. 38 interior B&W pages plus two eye-popping color covers! 3.95 plus 1.75 shipping...$5.70 postpaid in the USA. Payment by Personal checks only, made out to Jim Main.

What I found with this magazine issue that is published in an anthology format, is what I find quite often in 'anthology' magazines or comics. 

That is, I am usually pleased with a few stories, okay with several, and then usually there is one that I wonder why it is in the publication?

My first thought on the front cover, is that it should appeal to those that enjoyed the old 'PLOP' comic books published by DC Comics.  It totally reminded me of that series' front covers.  Which is Good!

However this magazine has black and white pages, unlike that old comic book series.  Which actually is just fine for this magazine format to me!

I enjoyed most of the stories in this issue. These are ALL illustrated stories. The one page inside front cover story on 'Doug the Smug Slug' was a good one to start the issue. 'What Is It?' is weird, but enjoyable.

I enjoyed this issue, and wanted to mention it here in my Blog's Featurette Section.  It does contain 'adult content', and is a good combination of stories published in an anthology format. 

Jim must be doing something right in this series, as it is already on issue #9.  The price of $5.70 postpaid is not a bad price for this magazine either!

So if anthologies are Your reading preference, then this magazine issue, and probably the earlier issues should be checked out by You.

To help You, here's the main link to the Main Enterprises publications for sale:  




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