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NEW GRAPHIC NOVELS FEATURETTE:   I have already blogged about one of the two graphic novels that Shawn Granger sent in for possible review.  (Click here for my review on 'Family Bones'.)

The second graphic novel was titled 'Innocent', with the front cover as seen below.

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Here's the promo info on this graphic novel:

"King Tractor Press
Two Versions/Covers:

Art by Tony De Zuniga, Nei Ruffino, Jennifer Aponte, Nando, Daniel Zeta, Mannie Abeleda, and Daniel Vera

Innocent is about an angel and a psychopath who become best friends. They spend their days discussing human existence, sipping lattes, and fighting demons. These evil foes are born in hell, but sometimes are the earth-grown kind.

Innocent is a story that mixes "Blade" with "Pulp Fiction". It's a smart, action-packed story that sprinkles in a few laughs. Two complete opposites who find that they've got more in common than they could know. Innocent struggles to keep David in check, fearing that one day he'll go too far. David knows that he could become Innocent's target if he let's himself free to pursue his desires. He doesn't know that sometimes Innocent feels himself falling, letting anger get the best of him. David doesn't know how close Innocent has been to becoming what he hates.

Innocent collects the "Innocent" web-comic from 2006-2007 plus more than 57 pages of new story that hasn't been previously available on-line. It's written by Shawn Granger, the writer of the successful horror, true crime series "Family Bones"."

My thoughts on this 'graphic novel':  This was a compilation of pages created by the one writer using several different artists.  While the idea of publishing this webcomic into printed form was probably due to readers' demands for it, I found it hard to read in this published format of 'graphic novel'.

That's probably because of the different styles of the artists that were involved in this project.  There was enough of a difference from each artist, that when compiled into what is basically an anthology TPB, that it just didn't totally flow for me as a reader in this 'graphic novel' format. 

However, if read as a continued story, and seen in a series of 'floppy' comic books format, with individual chapters for each artist's work; it probably would have worked better for me as a reader. For instance, Chapter Five's artwork by Daniel Zeta was a well done illustrated story.  Good enough to be a stand alone issue. I think it was the different artstyles presented in this compilation 'graphic novel' format that kept me from enjoying it more. 

(Note: There were one page separators that identified when a new chapter was starting. There were five chapters in all, plus a 'Sketches' section afterwards.)

The interior pages are black & white, and also black/gray/white.

You can find out more about this graphic novel and other publications  that have been published by King Tractor Press by checking this link:

My thanks to Shawn Granger @ King Tractor Press for sending in this publication for possible review. 




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