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NEW  MINI-COMICS SERIES:   I have already blogged about several of the publications from Main Enterprises that are currently available.

One series that I haven't yet blogged about is in keeping with today's 'Main Feature', which is about CRIME COMICS. The front cover of issue #1 of 'CHASE' is shown below.

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Here's the promo info on the first issue of this mini-comic series:

"The first issue of what will be a long mini-comic series, following the exploits of the family of criminal masterminds, the Marsdens and their co-horts. Up against them is the Special Criminal Deterrent Force. Is it an even match? We shall see. Story and concept by Jim Main, art and lettering by John Lambert, production by Dan Taylor. $1.00 plus regular first class stamp for orders in the US only."

My thoughts on this first issue and up to issue #7:

First, a "mini-comic" is exactly what this comic is!

The size is approx 4" wide by 5 1/2" in height.  The number of pages have fluctuated, but it truly is a 'mini-comic'.

That does NOT mean that you don't get a good read.  Just that it is shorter in story length with each issue.  The cost is also considerably less than full sized comics printed today.

I found the black and white cover and interior pages to be well illustrated.  It is well written for a story of action and deceit! There is a lot squeezed into the few pages of each issue, and if this genre of story is your reading niche, you will enjoy it!

You can find out more about this mini-comic series and other publications  that have been published by Main Enterprises by checking this link: .

My thanks to Jim Main @ Main Enterprises for sending in this publication for possible review. 


(Addendum December 13th-  Jim sent me the following message: "the art and story for issue #10 has just been completed and the long awaited issue #8 is being released this week. There will also be a trade paperback edition available early next year that reprint issues 1-8 as well as two full color covers and never before published art."



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