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NEW INDY COMIC BOOK:   Today's 'Main Feature' as shown above, was about another of the comics in the 'Female Force' series from Bluewater Comics, that of Barbara Walters.

Today's Featurette section is about one more in that same series, this one on Stephenie Meyer.

Of course, even if you haven't read the books or seen the movies that Stephenie Meyer has help create, you still must have heard her name, as she and 'Twilight' have been on all the channels and covered / discussed at pop culture conventions!

Below is the front cover to the issue on Stephenie Meyer:

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So what is this issue about? Here's the promo info:

By:         Ryan Burton, Dave Macneil, Vinnie Tartamella 
Type:      Comics 
Genres:    Biography, Non-Fiction
Publisher:  Bluewater Productions 
Pub. Date: November 11, 2009
Availability: Released 
UPC:       074470254102
For ages:  13+ 

"This comic series has been featured on CNN, Fox News, and OK! Magazine.

Just in time for the theatrical release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Bluewater brings you the biography comic book FEMALE FORCE: Stephenie Meyer! Named USA Today's "Author of the Year" in 2008, the celebrity author is responsible for ushering in a new vampire-centric fan base. From her beginnings in Connecticut and Utah, to her fame and fortune as today's hottest author, witness her story being told by the most famous vampire of them all!"

Okay... here's my thoughts for this issue:

I haven't seen a front cover by Vinnie Tartamella that I haven't liked!

The interior artwork by Dave MacNeil was a little 'strange' to me for a biographical comic book, but the slant for this comic book was more toward a 'HoRRoRific' slant and 'cutesy' way of presenting the bio, so the artwork did fit that style of presentation.

The coloring by Kristy Swan flowed with the storyline and interior art pages.

Jaymes Reed's lettering also meshed well with the art style and coloring.

What didn't work for me was the 'host' aspect of the story, who was introduced at the beginning of the story and narrated the tale.  That's what it seemed to me... a tale, not a bio comic book.  Which is probably what the writer and publisher wanted for this comic book.  Which would have been fine if the series wasn't titled: Female Force - Stephenie Meyer.  It just didn't quite come over to me as belonging in this series of comics that I have read and enjoyed thus far.  It just seemed 'gimmicky' to me.  I'm sure younger readers will probably enjoy the 'gimmick' of using "the most famous vampire of all" as the host... 

For more on this Female Force series, please check out their web site at:

My thanks to the folks at Bluewater Productions for submitting both issues of this series being reviewed here today in this blog post.




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