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COMIC BOOK CREATOR TV INTERVIEW:   Last night I got back in after attending our HOA meeting. There was 'nothing' on TV, or so I thought after coming back in and finishing the 'Survivors 19th Season Reunion' show that we taped from late Sunday night.  While waiting for the tape to rewind so as to put in another to watch, I channeled surfed and accidentally saw that someone I recognized was on channel 4 of our local cable station. 

That was Jim Lee!  What was he doing on... being interviewed?  Well, he was on 'Forefront'.  To those of you that don't get our local San Diego station, here's an explanation of that show: 

Welcome to Forefront

San Diego is full of amazing people.  Industry leaders.  Rock stars.  World-renowned artists.  Champions of the homeless, animals and the environment.  Now you can hear their story in their own words and find out the secrets to their success.  Inspiring, insightful and often surprising... 

Who is in the Forefront?  There’s only one place to find out.  

I decided to catch a few minutes of the show, and ended up seeing the rest of it, it was that interesting to me! 

Jim Lee impressed me years ago in the early 1990's when he was at a comics show in Mission Valley, San Diego.  He and the other comics creators there were overbooked for signatures, and it was late. However he and just one other of the several creators that were there got up and went down the whole line signing one comic book for each person in line before he left the show.

In that line was one of my sons, who had patiently waited to get Jim's signature.  I won't forget that day and what Jim did for my son and the dozens of other kids that weren't going to get a signature until he got up out of his chair and went down the line on his own accord!  Thanks Jim for that memory!

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Here is what the 'Forefront' TV show has about Jim Lee on their web page:

"Jim Lee is a legend in the comic book industry.  He’s worked on some of the most popular characters in history including the X-Men, Batman and Superman. 

Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 5.  His passion for drawing started at a very early age and even as a young child, Lee was an avid comic book collector.  After high school, Lee prepared to follow in his physician father’s footsteps and went to Princeton as a pre-med major.  His senior year at Princeton he decided to follow his dream and pursue a career in comics instead of medicine; a decision that was hard to sell to his parents.

The decision turned out to be the right one.  Not long after graduating, Lee landed a job with Marvel Comics, working on a book called Alpha Flight.  A few years later Lee began working on Uncanny X-Men and eventually became the series’ regular artist.  In 1991 Lee helped launch a second series called X-Men, as both the artist and co-writer.  X-Men #1 holds the record as the best-selling comic of all time – 8 million copies.

In 1992, Lee left Marvel Comics and created his own company, Wildstorm Studios in La Jolla. He and the Wildstorm artists created many comic characters including Wild CATS and Gen 13.  He eventually sold Wildstorm to DC Comics, but continues to run the company under the DC banner. 

Currently, Lee is working on a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  The project will allow players to virtually explore and interact with the DC Universe and will bring Jim Lee’s artwork to life for his fans."

For more on this half hour interview, here is the link: 

My thanks to 4SD for broadcasting this Jim Lee interview on their half hour show 'Forefront'.  Hopefully those of You reading this can check it out via the web for more!




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