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SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2010 UPDATE:   Yesterday on my Facebook Comic Con | Make It So Marketing exhbitor table wall I posted the following wall comment:  "Saturday One-Day Passes are Sold Out for this Con... However, Thursday, Friday and Sunday One Day Passes are still available at this time. Sheeesh! Saturday Sold Out... And it's not even the first day of 2010 yet!"

I thought it best that I also mention that fact in my Blog, as I know that many people were disappointed last year by being unable to attend the Comic Con International: San Diego on the day(s) that they wanted to.  There were a lot of surprised people coming there thinking they could just walk up and get in!

Tina and I have opted once again to pay for our tickets, instead of going through the press pass line.  After seeing how the pros were forced to stand out in the sun in line to get in last year, we found it so much easier to go up and stay in the shade 'under the sails' in the Sails Pavilion.  The 4 day check in at preview night was the smoothest ever for us last year! 

So I realize that a comic con that is seven months away may not be on Your 'radar' right now, what with the Holidays Season and all, but folks, if YOU were even thinking about attending, you better buy your passes Now!

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The Four Day Passes, both with and without the 'Preview Night' were already SOLD OUT, and now this news about the single day: SATURDAY also SOLD OUT!  Plus Friday appears to be approximately 50% on the way of being 'Sold Out' also...

If you are even thinking of being close to the vicinity of San Diego near the end of July, you might either ask 'Santa Claus' for a one day pass, or a couple of different one day passes before this Friday comes around!

For how to buy your one day passes online go to:  

There are several interactive Facebook Groups and Fan Pages for the CSI:SD / SDCC, but here is the link to one of the larger ones that I am currently aware of in terms of numbers of members and interactivity:

As long time readers of this Blog know, I started selling at the 1972 San Diego Comic Con, when it was at the El Cortez Hotel. The photo I use for this Blog and my Facebook Comic Con | Make It So Marketing exhibitor table is from the 1973 San Diego Comic Con held at the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island in San Diego.

Tina and I do not set up at the San Diego Comic Con International.  Instead we mostly attend programs or panels, plus make our rounds to the Artists Alley of over 200 creators, plus check out the Small Press Section.  If YOU are a comics creator, feel free to let us know, as starting early next year we will be blogging about select creators that will be set up in either of those two areas.

In the meantime if you aren't a comics pro, dealer, or press member, you better get your single day passes now for Thursday, Friday, or Sunday before they are Sold Out!




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