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Thursday, May 28, 2009
My Favorite Comic Book Movies...
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Book Movies


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My Favorite Comic Book Movies

As Of May 28th, 2009!


I recently blogged about my thoughts on a couple of films...  Which weren't comic book movies per se.   Those were the latest Terminator film, and the Star Trek film.  Both of these franchises have been transformed into comic books, but I don't classify them as 'comic book' movies.

It was interesting to see the comments on both versions of my blog, in both the eBay and our own domain named formats.   Which reminded me that a lot of new readers of this Blog aren't aware of my 'tastes' in films. 

Additionally I was just reading the FCBD 2009 'Hot Lists' edition published by Wizard / Anime Insider / ToyFare, which had its' own '50 Best Comic Book Movies Of All Time' listing.   Which made me feel I should update my earlier blogs as to what films I enjoy in this genre.

So for the purpose of this list, I will be considering a 'comic book movie' as any feature length film where the story and/or characters originally appeared in a "comic book".  To me a "comic book"  would include comics, comic books, comic strips, graphic novels, or manga.

So unfortunately I won't be including films with comic book themes that didn't originate in the world of comics.   Those would The Incredibles (which would be in my Top 10 for sure!), and Hancock. Although again, each has had a comic book treatment afterwards.

Also other properties that originated elsewhere as Toys or Sci-Fi TV Shows,  but have since become comic books, such as Transformers are not included! Also, films like 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow', altho looking like a comic book movie is not one.

One last point... This is MY List of My Favorite Comic Book Movies.  I realize that some of the choices will be on others 'Worst' Comic Book Movies Lists, or even on the 'Best' or 'Top' Lists.  For example I believe 'Watchmen' is one of the 'Best' ever filmed comic book movies, but I don't believe I would watch that as much as others that rank higher on my list.

The following are those films that I would stop channel surfing and pick up part way through the movie to watch again.  They are the ones I would most likely pull out of my DVD or VHS collection to watch again.  These are my faves, and as readers to this Blog, I should inform you of my tastes as a background.  This would guide you as to what I think of new films that have been released that I have recently reviewed, and of course more to follow. 

Click Here To See Our listing of  IRON MAN comics and graphic novels!  # 1 - Iron Man (2008) Ever since seeing the special program at the SDCC previewing the trailer and cast, I knew this would be 'right on'!  It exceeded even my expectations!  

# 2 - Spider-Man 2 (2004) This movie was done right!  'Nuff Said!

# 3 - Superman II (1981) No One can top Christopher Reeve for me as Superman!  And the villains were top-notch as well!

# 4 - Spider-Man 1 (2002) This was a Marvel Comics movie that set the bar for me for future comic book movies!

Click Here To See Our Listings of SPIDER-MAN Comics, Graphic Novels, Promo Comics and other Pop Culture items listed for sale!  # 5 - Spider-Man 3 (2007) Maybe just a few too many characters to watch in this film, but seeing Sandman was a dream come true!  BTW, Spider-Man is NOT my favorite comic book character, the Thing of the Fantastic Four is... But these 3 Spidey Films were done right! 

# 6 - Fantastic Four 1 (2005) This I waited for decades to see this Marvel Comics group hit the Big Screen.  Even after the 1994 non-released film.  I am a bit biased here, as the FF are my favorite comic book ever because of the Stan Lee - Jack Kirby original series! 

# 7 - Superman: The Movie (1978) Seeing this DC Comic book translated to film was a highlight, and I waited many many years for Marvel Comics to get it as right as this one!

# 8 - Rocketeer (1991) This movie was Fun. I don't care what the critics said about it.  The film itself made me go back and buy the rest of the Dave Stevens comics to see what I had missed!

# 9 - Men In Black I (1997) I was, and still am surprised at how many mainstream people don't know this originated as a comic book!  This one is fun to watch over & over!  

Click Here To See Our Listings of  BATMAN Comics, Graphic Novels, Promo Comics and other Pop Culture items listed for sale!  #10 - The Dark Knight  (2008) I am not a big fan of the 'grim n gritty' comics genre to watch over and over.  Once or twice is usually enough.  That being said, this film because of the villain, would be one that I would watch again...   

#11 - Men In Black II (2002)

#12 - The Mask (2005)

#13 - Watchmen (2009)

#14 - X-Men 3: Last Stand (2006)

#15 - Daredevil (2003)

#16 - Fantastic Four II: Surfer (2007)

#17 - Ghost Rider (2007)

#18 - Catwoman (2004)

#19 - Barb Wire (1996)

#20 - The Spirit (2008)

The above 20 listings were chosen from over 75 different 'comic book movies'  I have viewed over the years.  There were a lot to choose from.  Some I would never watch again, those being 'Popeye' from 1980, and 'Steel' from 1997.  

Again, these are my current favorites and reflect what I would watch over and over if given a chance, or stranded on a desert island...

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Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!!

~ Michael


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