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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Selected Programs At The 2009 San Diego Comic Con!
Mood:  rushed
Topic: Comic Cons


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ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com Readers Will Know By Now... that the San Diego Comic Con International is celebrating its' 40th Anniversary this Year!  My personal Thanks to All of those that have made this the most memorable series of conventions I have ever attended!


Selected Programs...

At The 2009 San Diego Comic Con International

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As Selected By Michael D Hamersky

Yesterday I Ended My Blog Series On Creators And Exhibitors that will be at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International, AND whom I thought You should make a point to stop in at and see...

At the same time I mentioned that several of them were also attending as guests on panels or having special programs of their own at the Comic-Con.

I have been asked what panels / programs I am going to, and thought it might be fun to blog a selected few here, so as to let my blog readers know what I am interested in seeing there!

Oh... and my wife, Tina, is joining me at Comic Con for the 9th straight year! Tina's worked in publishing and marketing for over 20 years so she'll be attending many of the industry business panels. But, she'll be sure not to miss the programming for some of her favorite shows like LOST and 24. She's also hoping to get into Hall H to see the Iron-Man 2 panel. Look for reports to come in our blog.

So shown by day / time order, these are the programs I have scheduled to attend by myself, or overlap with Tina, with attending some or all of the panel / program listed.  There's always overlap in programs times it appears! Plus there are others I'd like to attend, but those are marked (?) on my non-published list as I want to be on the exhibit floor more this year in the Artists Alley and Small Press Area!


10:30-11:30 Tripwire Magazine— The staff of Tripwire, Britain's premiere comics culture magazine, discuss genre fiction, comics, movies and more. Join Joel Meadows (editor-in-chief), Andy Grossberg (U.S. editor), and Pat McGreal for a rousing chat. Room 3

11:00-12:30 Secret Origins of Comic-Con — How did it all begin? Those who were there in 1969 (most of them teenagers at the time!) have the behind-the-scenes story of the very first meetings, the first mini-con, and the first Golden State Comic-Con at the U.S. Grant in 1970. Panelist include Richard Alf, Barry Alfonso, Greg Bear, Dave Clark, Roger Freedman, Ken Krueger, Scott Shaw!, and Mike Towry, with William R. Lund as moderator. Room 2

12:30-2:00 Comic-Con in the '70s— In its first decade Comic-Con was put on by a dedicated group of volunteers who managed to build a national reputation for the show. How did they get those great guests? Are those stories about the shark repellant in the El Cortez pool really true? Hear from the committee members who have all the inside info on what those early years were like: Wendy All, Maeheah Alzmann,  Richard Butner, Vicky Kelso-Goulart, Gene Henderson, and Charlene Brinke Stevens, with Jackie Estrada as moderator. Room 2 

2:00-3:00 How-To Session: Jason Cruse—  Jason T. Kruse is not only a veteran of the prestigious CalArts in sunny Southern California, he is also a maker of fine comic books, including The World of Quest. Jason has worked in animation on such films as The Barnyard, Stuart Little, and Cats and Dogs, as well as animating and storyboarding various pilots for companies such as Disney and Nickelodeon. At Quicksilver he was the character animator on four games, including the recently released Master of Orion 3 and Cashflow 101 and 202, as well as numerous games for the U.S. Army. He works at Helixe Studio outside of Boston on the handheld Nintendo adaptations of Pixar's next films. Jason will cover the creative process for making comic books for young readers. Room 18 

3:30-5:00 Golden and Silver Age of Comics— A Comic-Con tradition: the yearly gathering and discussion of the clan of some of the finest comic book creators ever to put pen or typewriter to paper! This year's panel—moderated by Mark Evanier—includes Comic-Con special guests Murphy Anderson (Hawkman), Gene Colan (Tomb of Dracula), Ramona Fradon (Aquaman), Russ Heath (The Haunted Tank), Jack Katz (The First Kingdom), Jerry Robinson (Batman), and Leonard Starr (Mary Perkins On Stage). Both Katz and Starr, known best for their underground comix and comic strip work, respectively, also worked in comics in the Golden and Silver Ages. The stories these people can tell are the stuff of legend...be a part of the yearly magic of this panel. Room 8 

5:30-6:30 All-Stars of Comics Podcasting— Comics podcasting has grown from a novelty to a force within the industry, providing an outlet for reviews, interviews, news and general entertainment for comic book fans. Comic book podcasting veterans Jimmy Aquino (Comics News Insider), Charlito (Indie Spinner Rack), Brian "Pants" Christman (Comic Geek Speak), Bob Bretall (Comic Book Page—who will be giving away comics to the first 200 people to attend the panel), and Ron Richards (iFanboy) discuss the future of comics podcasting. You never know what may happen in podcasting, so be sure to come as some surprise guests may be appearing! Plus this is your chance to meet and talk to your favorite podcasters! Room 32AB 

7:00-8:00 The Antidote Trust— The Antidote Trust (TAT), America's premiere indie collective, share more input on how they continue to produce comics that rival "the big boys" in quality, marketing, and distribution. Determined to do your own thing with the highest levels of professionalism? TAT can help you realize this goal. All members of TAT are strictly independent companies, producing comics, apparel, action figures—nearly everything in the industry. Panelists include B. Paul Husband, Esq. (general counsel for ASIFA-Hollywood), Lance Stahlberg (director, Haven Distributors), Richard Hamilton (Miserable Dastards), Andre Owens (Force Galaxia), Dani Dixon (13), Dale Wilson (Magnificent Creatures), Robert Roach (Menthu), and Paul Fusco (Soldiers of the Dead). Moderated by Geoffrey Thorne (Star Trek: Titan, Sword of Damocles). Room 5AB 

8:15-11:15 Superhero Kung-Fu Extravaganza—  Back by popular demand for a record 11th year! Martial art movie master Ric Meyers (Inside Kung-Fu) brings you eye-popping, jaw-dropping, all-new film fight action. You never know who might drop by, but even if only you do, it'll be unforgettable. Room 6BCF 


10:00-11:00 How-To Session: Tom Hodges—  Tom Hodges attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he majored in computer/traditional animation. He left for the West Coast and took film classes in San Francisco, then worked for a few years doing freelance artwork before he was picked up as a regular working on licensed artwork for Lucasfilm. He is currently finishing up work on a graphic novel for Platinum Studios, Secret Identities, written by Marv Wolfman. Hodges is the creator of a three-issue miniseries, M. Top that off with random work for Star Wars Insider, daily webstrips for Lucasfilm, and other work, and Tom is a very busy artist. He will present information on working on daily comics in a web environment. Room 18 

11:00-12:00 Spotlight on Gene Colan— He's the dean of comic book artists, the master of shadows and a hallmark of the Marvel Age of Comics! Comic-Con special guest Gene Colan is back at the big show, talking with Mark Evanier and co-host Marv Wolfman about his legendary career in comics. Room 8 

2:15-3:00 24—  The Fox series 24 is coming off its most critically acclaimed season in years. Stars Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub and new cast members Anil Kapoor and Katee Sackhoff join showrunnner Howard Gordon and the producers of the Emmy-winning series for a special sneak peek at the heart-stopping premiere episode of Season 8 Ballroom 20 

3:15-4:15 Eureka—  Eureka is back this summer with all new episodes, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake), Erica Cerra (Jo Lupo), Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo), and Jaime Paglia (executive producer/co-creator) are stopping by to let you in on the fun. Moderated by Josh Gates (Destination Truth). Room 6BCF 


11:00-12:00 Lost: The Final Season Begins, with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse—  In appreciation of all the fan support through five seasons of Lost, co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse will pay homage to all the fans at their final Comic-Con appearance for Lost. Questions will be answered. Fun will be had. And you won't want to miss the surprises in store for the audience! Hall H 

3:00-4:30 Scott Shaw!: Oddball Comics—  Now regularly seen in the pages of Geek Monthly, cartoonist Scott Shaw! (Captain Carrot and the Final Ark, Bart Simpson Comics) brings back his ever-popular digital slide show featuring "the craziest comic books ever published!" See why Stan Lee said, "Wow, True Believers, I thought I'd seen it all, but Scott Shaw's hysterically hilarious Oddball Comics is the wildest, wackiest exposé of some of the craziest comic books I've ever seen! Or, to put it mildly, Scott's outrageous opuses are a blast!" Room 7AB 

4:00-5:00 Fringe Screening and Q&A—  Fringe cast members Anna Torv (upcoming The Pacific), Josh Jackson (Shutter), and John Noble (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) appear with consulting producers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and executive producers Jeff Pinkner (Lost) and J. H. Wyman (Keen Eddie) for a Q&A with fans and an exclusive video presentation. Join the discussion of this critically acclaimed thriller, which explores the ever-blurring line between science fiction and reality, where hybrid monsters tear through sewers, thieves walk through walls and portals open to worlds unknown. From Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Fringe airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM ET/PT this fall on FOX, premiering September 17. Fringe: The Complete First Season will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Hi Def September 8. Ballroom 20 

4:00-5:00 Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment: Iron Man 2— Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present the sequel to the blockbuster film based on the legendary Marvel superhero Iron Man. Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man 2 stars Robert Downey Jr. Joining Downey in the cast are Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau, Clark Gregg, John Slattery, Mickey Rourke, and Samuel L. Jackson. Hall H 


10:00-11:00 The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel— Fifteen years ago, Jack Kirby left us, but his vision and creations live on to inspire everyone who comes into contact with his work. Mark Evanier (author, Kirby: King of Comics) moderates this annual tribute to the King. Joining Mark this year will be actor Bill Mumy, Kirby inker Mike Royer, editor Steve Saffel, and members of the legendary "5-String Mob," a group of Comic-Con founding members who Kirby immortalized in the pages of Jimmy Olsen: Barry Alfonso, Roger Freedman, William R. Lund, Scott Shaw!, and Mike Towry. Room 4

11:00-12:00 How to Draw Star Wars for Kids— Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton (You Can Draw: Star Wars) and artist Katie Cook (The Clone Wars webcomic) help kids draw fun Star Wars characters. Lucas Online senior editor Bonnie Burton edits the drawing tutorials and craft projects, which can be found at Starwars.com/kids. Artist Katie Cook (Katiecandraw.com) has done licensed art for Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Heroes, and Lord of the Rings. She often dreams of being a Wookiee, which explains why she could use a haircut. Room 30CDE

Please Note: There are a LOT of other programs I have marked as wanting to see... but have not listed above.  Depending on how fast we are able to navigate the exhibit floor with all the booths, and then spend quality time in Artists Alley and Small Press Area; will allow me to see other programs that I have interest in.  The above panels / programs are the ones that are on my 'Must See List'.  And yeah, I know that some of them conflict time-wise with each other. Plus forget about getting into Hall 'H' easily, LOL!

BTW, if you are not one of the 125,000+ persons that are attending this great comic book & pop culture convention this month, then you could take a look at the Con's web site to see what other panels / programs there are for this year: http://www.comic-con.org/ 

However, if you are attending  the San Diego Comic Con International THIS WEEK, then I suggest you think ahead and hi-lite on your program map the booths, tables, panels and programs that interest You.  You'll be glad You did, so that you don't miss them while you are there.  It's just like Disneyland at this Con... You can't see it all in One Day, or Even 4 1/2 Days of this event!

Please Note:  Days and Times of signings /programs / panels / doors opening etc., are subject to change at any convention, so double check that when you get there!  There is a daily updated printed schedule that is available onsite!

For those that don't know... the 2009 SDCC / CCI-SD is being held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. 

The address is: 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA.  Dates of the Con are from July 23rd through July 26th, with a Preview Night July 22nd for 4 day Badge Members Only!  However as this blog post 'goes to press' ALL memberships have been SOLD OUT already!

BTW, unless we are onsite all day and night during a comic con... we do blog daily on comics and pop culture news and events!  Check out our daily blog posts, new listings of comics, graphic novels, Comic Con exclusives and more pop culture items for sale in our online eBay Featured Store

Thanks again to all of YOU reading our current and archived blog posts!

Click Here to see our NEWLY LISTED Comics, Graphic Novels, Toys, Fanzines and Prozines!  BTW, We are NOT planning on blogging from the San Diego Comic International this year.  We will be posting some photos via mobile to Michael's Facebook member account during the week however...!  

~ Michael  (and Tina)


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