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Friday, September 11, 2009
The Tek War Chronicles Comic Book Series!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New


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William Shatner Presents:

The Tek War Chronicles


 Bluewater Comics!



I've been reading this series since issue #1...  Although I hadn't blogged about it yet.

That changes today, after reading issue #3!

As stated before in this Blog, I don't normally write neutral or negative blogs, as each blog takes at least 45 minutes to generate with text, copy, cropping and hosting photos, etc.  (I just don't throw together a one paragraph 'mention' of a comic, graphic novel, or film along with a bunch of other non-related projects in a 'review' blog post.)

Thus to spend that additional time on a comic book or other project that I didn't enjoy that much to begin with, just doesn't make time management sense to me...

So why hadn't I blogged about this series before?  After all, I was familar with the concept.  It's been around, off and on, since William Shatner first came up with it back in 1988.  And yeah, I enjoyed him in Star Trek: TOS, the Star Trek Films and TJ Hooker that this series seems to have 'blended elements' from!  However, I wasn't overly excited about the prior Tek films, TV Series, comics, novels or games.  It was just... there.

I kind of felt the same way about the first two issues of this comic book series.  It was an OK storyline, but it just seemed to be taking much too long to get me heavily involved with it.  It didn't feel like it had too much continuity or baggage for me not to enjoy it, but the story was taking too long to draw me in for the ride.

However, issue #3 pulled me in.  Now I feel like the time I've 'invested' in reading the first three issues have not been 'wasted'.  I'm looking forward to reading the next issue now!

So I've told you what I felt about the writing of this storyline thus far.  Those writers are William Shatner and Scott Davis.  How about the penciling?  That has been consistent thru the series so far, thanks to Erich Owen.  Maybe that's what kept me reading into issue #3?  The colors by Michelle Davies flows with the artwork.  The lettering is the usual great work by Jaymes Reed. 

Here are the details for this issue #3 only:

By:                 William Shatner, Scott Davis, Erich Owens 
Type:             Comics 
Genres:          Science-Fiction
Series:           William Shatner Presents Tek War
Publisher:      Bluewater Productions 
Pub. Date:     August 26, 2009
Availability:  Check your LCBS or auction site
UPC:             837654359419
For ages:      16+ 

Dr. Leon Kittridge is proving more elusive and more costly to find than Jake Cardigan ever thought. Recovering from a blast that nearly killed him, Jake's determination to find answers leads him to old acquaintances and deadly consequences.

The stakes have gotten considerably higher and new shocking revelations about the secrets of Tek and Jake's quest for vindication are unveiled.

I'm hoping that what this team has done to bring together issue #3 so well continues in issue #4.  We'll see...

Notes:  This issue's cover price was $3.99, which is the standard cost of new comic books today.   Which is why I only blog about comics that I believe are worth the monetary cost for entertainment purposes or collecting, not necessarily for 'investment' purposes.  

For more info on The Tek War Chronicles with previous and upcoming issues, please see the Bluewater Comics web site at:  http://www.Bluewaterprod.com

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~ Michael  


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Updated: Friday, September 11, 2009 8:49 AM PDT
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