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FOUND AT THE 2009 LONG BEACH COMIC CON:   Below is the HCMP table at the recent LBCC. There I met Zen, Landish, and Jamilyn (Parks). I was introduced to the publications 'Magic Panty' #1, and the 'Justus: 2009 Late Edition' catalog for

Below is a photo of the table with just two of the creators holding the 'Magic Panty' comic book.


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What I found in reading this comic book was good art with a strange futuristic story, but easy to understand storyline.  It was like manga meets sci-fi, yet in a genre of all its' own.  It was printed with black and white interior pages, with greytone aspects.  The cover price is $3.95, but I don't have a good link to send you to order this publication.

Indeed, what little I found when researching this publication, was that it was definitely a group effort.  Here's what the artist stated at one of the boards I found about this publication:

"This particular piece has a long production process. Landish! emailed me the pencils and I printed them out. I then colored it with paint markers and made a few changes. It was then scanned into Photoshop and Jamilyn took out the colors and boosted the contrast to make it look like an inked piece. Then I took that file and colored it and added in the logo. Finally I gave that photoshop file to Jamilyn and he added the design elements and properly colored the piece."

 Okay, so here's what I found when looking up the publication.

First, some of the artwork can be found at:

Secondly, unfortunately the  site of is undergoing a reconstruction right now. 

Third, I am not Facebook Friends with any of these creators at this time, (only Jamilyn appears to be on FB), so I can't give you additional info on them.  There does not appear to be any Facebook Fan Page for these creators or their creations. I don't use MySpace, and only check sites like deviantart when requested / referred by the artists.

Sometimes I come across publications in Artists Alleys of comic cons and just don't get enough info to make it a 'Main Feature' item, even though it could rate a 'Main Feature' article here.  As it takes me a while to write up these blog posts, if I can't find info easily, the most I can really do is a 'Featurette' section on the publication as a mention for my readers to check out further if that is the genre of reading they prefer.

That's why I've made a special blog post about: "How To Best Submit YOUR Publication For Possible Review!" for creators that would like to possibly have their publications mentioned or reviewed.

If and when I find out more about this H.C.M.P. group, I may do an update here...




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