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Friday, March 20, 2009
The Horsemen: Divine Intervention - Graphic Novel
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Comic Books - New



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The Horsemen: Divine Intervention Graphic Novel


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Jiba Molei Anderson...  Sent me a review copy of his upcoming graphic novel, 'The Horsemen: Divine Intervention'.

Although the creation was originally a critically-successful 3-issue mini-series that was published in 2002, this 96 page (compilation) graphic novel will actually be published and distributed in the first quarter of 2010 by Arcana Comics

Even though Arcana Comics is publishing it, 'The Horsemen' is the flagship property from intellectual properties company Griot Enterprises.  'The Horsemen' and Griot Enterprises both have been in existence since 1999 and this is their tenth year in the comic book industry.  There was an earlier 2006 version of this work, but it is very hard to find and costly on the resale market!  There are currently no copies on eBay, and only one on Amazon.

Jiba told me before reading the graphic novel, that "The Horsemen is the story of seven ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances, as the gods of ancient Africa possess them. The gods have chosen them, to protect humanity from itself…whether humanity wants them to or not. They have been chosen to combat those who control the fate of the planet. Through their actions, the world would never be the same".

What I found in reading the review copy was the following:

There are four chapters in this graphic novel, which appear to be following the breakdown of the original comic book mini-series(?). 

The graphic novel was created, written, pencilled, and colored by Jiba Molei Anderson, along with Patrick Brower on inks, and Eric Pence on colors. 

The graphic novel's genre appears to be a mix of Hip Hop / Urban Black Sci-Fi' / Adventure / Superhero comic format.   

What helped me was that at the very beginning there a 'Pronunciation Key For The Characters'.  Very Smart and Useful for the reader!  None of this 'Is it Sub-MARINER or is it Sub-Mareen-er' going through a reader's mind here!

Then the brief background history and bio on the gods of ancient Africa for this story... "and thus the war begins anew"... 

Not to give away the story... but I am going to give my impressions here of this upcoming graphic novel.  I liked the art design, the way the pages are laid out, and the panels on the pages.  The colors used for this graphic novel are very vivid!   The story in this first chapter was a little hard to follow at first.  There is a hostage situation at Reniassance Center in Detroit...

The second chapter had the storyline move to Nigeria, where it was made clear that the 'superheroes' do exist with powers from the ancient gods of Africa. The storyline here was easier to follow.

Third and fourth chapters brought the storyline into fruition.  It was the design of the art on the panels with the vividly colored artwork that kept my interest throughout this graphic novel.

Since this graphic novel is not scheduled to come out until the First Quarter of 2010, you have time to make yourself acquainted with the deities and background of the ancient gods before reading the full story.

If you are a Facebook member, you can see updates and comments on this GN from the creator, by going to this web site which is the Horsement Graphic Novel Group Page:


If you are not a Facebook member, then you can check out Jiba's web site for more info at:


(Note: A complimentary .pdf copy for this mention / review was provided by the creator.)

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~ Michael

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