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Peter Graves passed away on Sunday, March 14th of a heart attack outside of his home in Pacific Palisades, California.

Peter Graves was 83 years old. I would have blogged about this yesterday, but already had my Monday blog formatted, plus I wanted to think a little more about this.

You see, I first remember Peter Graves as the dad on 'Fury', the TV Show.  Yeah, that was a TV Show that also had comic books printed based on the show! As I had an affinity for TV shows that also had comics, I had those comics also for quite a while in my collection...

However, looking those up, I find that Peter wasn't pictured on the front cover of the few of the comic books that were published.  However, the above photo in this 'Featurette' is Peter Graves as the dad, Jim Newton, on the TV Show.

I actually best remember Peter Graves, whose career spanned about 60 years(!), for his portrayal of  the IMF leader James Phelps on the iconic spy series 'Mission: Impossible'. That ran for seven seasons on CBS.

At one time I had all 5 issues of the Dell Comics comic book series that were published on this TV Series. I had a buddy in high school who was enthralled with the format of spy shows including 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and was introduced to this MI show by him. (Thanks David!).

Below is the one that best featured Peter Graves on the front cover.  It is from the October 1968 issue:


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I also have tuned in to several episodes of A&E's 'Biography, of which Peter was the host of. That was in the mid 1990's. Peter was also on the revival TV series of Mission Impossible. 

Of course, when I said that Peter was a star on the small and big screens, he was in several movies.  I don't have any comics to share with you of those films here today...

My condolences to his family on his passing. He has given a lot of us many hours of entertainment throughout the years. He will be missed.



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