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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Overlooked Jimmy ?
Mood:  sad
Topic: Comic Book History

Jimmy, Superman, Lois Lane & More!!




Jimmy Olsen Comics For Sale!!


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Overlooked Jimmy Olsen ?

Jimmy Olsen, known as 'Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen' in the comic books has a long history! 

He first became a star in his own right when he received his own comic book back in Sept/Oct of 1954. The comic started as a bi-monthly but went to a monthly publication when better sales warranted.

Jimmy, who we all know was 'the cub reporter for the Daily Planet', was also always getting into situations.  Unlike Lois Lane who would get into serious trouble with Superman coming to save her.... Jimmy would get into a humorous situation, like the one in the comic to the left bottom below.

He would be a Jungle Boy, a Boxer, a 'Superboy', an elastic superhero, a giant Jimmy, a turtle Jimmy, and on and on...

Jimmy went thru that phase of comic books when they were sometimes bland, silly, and actually just fun reading with no change in continuity.  However with the more realistic comics that kids later wanted, and then the grim and gritty era coming in, poor Jimmy just didn't make the grade anymore in his publisher's eyes!

Poor Jimmy's comic book lasted for 163 issues until February 1974.  His comic's title was changed to 'The Superman Family' where Jimmy was a role player...    

The 'Superman Family' comic book kept Jimmy's comic book numbering and ran from issue #164 to issue #222 ending in September 1982. The stories included adventures of Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Supergirl.... and even Jimmy! 

Today the mainstream public just thinks of Jimmy as that guy in the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve or the small appearance in Superman Returns, or the guy shown in the top left photo on the TV show Smallville, (Aaron Ashmore).  Jimmy has come a long ways down in comic book status since the the late 1950's when he was a major star in his own right!  

For those interested in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen or other Superman comic books or DC Comics that feature Jimmy we have them listed in our eBay Featured Store !



Posted by makeitsomarketing at 3:41 PM PDT
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Your Teenagers Bored??? The Transformers Movie Is Starting!
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Comic Book Movies

 AND A Special Note To You eBayers...

There's A BIG Reason eBay has been promoting the new movie on its' home page! 

You'll see the connection right from the start of the movie!

eBay has more than just product placement in the movie, it's vital to the plotline!

This movie is rated PG-13.  Steven Spielberg is Executive Producer of this movie... PLUS the Director is Michael Bay so there will be a lot of blow-'em-up action of course! 

The movie is a live-action theatrical film based on the 1980s cartoon about robotic aliens using Earth as a battleground!  

For those interested in 'Transformers' and other Toy based  comics we have several of those comic books in our eBay Featured Comic Book Store !

Thanks for reading this popular culture / comic books blog post! Feel Free to Comment Below !!



Click Here For Toy Based Comic Books!  
The Transformers Had Many Comic Book Issues!

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Posted by makeitsomarketing at 8:30 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, July 3, 2007 8:50 AM PDT
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What's To Watch On DVD Tonight ??
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Comic Book Movies


What's To Watch On DVD Tonight?

For A Possible Answer Check Out Our

272 DVD Reviews

For Suggestions!!


Last night we finished watching another movie on DVD, which when we added it to our eBay 'Reviews', put us up to 362 total reviews!

Currently we have 272 DVDs reviewed, plus 15 VHS, 7 Music CDs, and 68 books.

Yes, since our sales niche is "comic book, sci-fi and pop culture related", we do have a lot of comic book movies or books on comics reviewed, BUT we also have reviews on 'chick flicks' and dramas as Tina tries to balance out the 'action movies' that we watch with other movies!  AND I personally loved viewing 'Miss Potter' last week featuring Renee Zellweger!

So just click on the links above with the white colors to be taken to our reviews on DVDs, VHS, CDs and Books for what should be a pleasurable viewing or reading night!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and feel free to post your comment below or on the review that we posted! 


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Most Recent Reviews!

During this time of year when the regular TV Season is over, it could be a good time to rent or buy DVDs of Past TV Shows, like Wonder Woman (above), 24, Lost, Hogan's Heroes, Alias Smith & Jones, etc!!!  Shows like '24' are hard to watch EVERY week during the season, so watching it on DVD could be the ANSWER to you catching up on it!!


Oldest to Newest Review!

You can Vote YES or NO on our reviews... just click on the 'easy button' being held by yours truly above to be taken to our 302 Reviews !

Posted by makeitsomarketing at 7:23 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, July 3, 2007 7:39 AM PDT
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Monday, July 2, 2007
What Are The TOP TEN Superheroes Movie Franchises ??
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: Comic Book Movies



TOP 10





This information is based on gross dollar amounts of ticket sales on information as of the second weekend of the Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer being released! 


# 1 Spider-Man     $1,107,308,200

# 2 Batman           $   916,338,094

# 3 X-Men             $   606,611,873

# 4 Superman       $   518,116,559

# 5 TMNT              $   310,296,083

# 6 Incredibles      $   261,441,092

# 7 Fantastic 4      $   212,096,080

# 8 Blade              $   204,847,943

# 9 Zorro               $   140,559,546

#10 Hulk               $   132,127,234


As usual statistics don't always show all the facts!

'Spider-Man' has had 3 movies to move into the top spot, while 'the Incredibles' has had only one mega movie!

How 'Zorro' got into the list is a question mark in itself, as who figures Zorro to be a superhero?!

Thanks for reading our pop culture / comics blog post and feel free to comment below!


FF 2: Silver Surfer

Review 'Our Take'

Our Take on the Fantastic Four Movie !

 Spider-Man 3 Movie

Review 'Our Take'

Spider-Man Movie!

See Our Inventory For Sale Here!

A Note From Make It So Marketing:
Each comic book or magazine in our eBay Featured Store is individually graded, inventoried, priced, bagged and boarded, before being listed for sale! We attend several comic books conventions during the year to replenish our inventory for resale!

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Posted by makeitsomarketing at 11:37 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, July 2, 2007 12:13 PM PDT
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Sky High & Lynda Carter !
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Comic Book Movies

Just Finished Reviewing the DVD 'Sky High'... 


... that Lynda Carter had a role in... You probably remember her better as  Wonder Woman  !!

The 'SKY HIGH' movie from 2005 is just another one of those movies trying to cash in on the 'superheroes' craze currently in fashion, but this one had two of my favorite actors, Kurt Russell and Lynda Carter!  Which definitely helped make the film viewable for me!

As a little background for those that don't know much about Lynda Carter:   She first entered a local beauty contest and achieved her first national fame by winning the Miss World USA in 1972 representing  her state of Arizona.   After taking acting classes in New York acting schools, she started making appearances on TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch, and Cos, plus B-movies including Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw.

However, her acting career did not really take off until she landed her starring role in the Wonder Woman television series. Her performance endeared her to fans and the series lasted for three seasons.

The first season on ABC was set in the 1940's during WWII and was a bit campy. The next two seasons on CBS were set in the then current period.

The series was nudged away from 'sophisticated humour' towards a more conventional action/adventure style when it was brought into the present period. I personally enjoyed the WWII action more in plots, but the show was not picked up timely by ABC, so CBS had the time period change as part of deal when the show went over to CBS.

The TV show was based on the original charcter created by William Moulton Marston for National Publications (DC Comics) back in 1942. See example to the left for Wonder Woman comics.

Lynda was the best thing going for the 1975 - 1979 TV Show. Besides her beauty she had a great personality and physically was believable as a true Wonder Woman.  An earlier attempt with Cathy Lee Crosby just wasn't believable for me. 



For those interested in Wonder Woman AND other DC comic books, we have several for sale in our eBay Featured Store.

Thanks for viewing our popular culutre / comic book blog post... feel free to post your comment below!






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Posted by makeitsomarketing at 7:46 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, July 2, 2007 12:37 PM PDT
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